Exclusive Steven Weber And Eric McCormack Take Dinner Conversation
Exclusive Steven Weber And Eric McCormack Take Dinner Conversation (Image Credits: people.com)

After all these years, Steven Weber is appreciative to still be among his fellow '90s celebrities. The Wings actor, 62, spoke candidly about how his connections with other actors have been "a real lifeline" for him at the Project Angel Food Angel Awards on Saturday. 

Weber acknowledged being a member of the Character Actor Dining Society (CADS), an unofficial organization, at the Project Angel Food offices in Los Angeles.

The other 11 group members include Weber, Tim Daly, Eric McCormack, Noah Wyle, Alfred Molina, LeVar Burton, Richard Kind, Spencer Garrett, Kevin Pollak, Rob Morrow, and "a bunch more."

The CADS have been getting together once a month for dinner for the past five years, and according to Weber, at these gatherings, "we all look at each other and 'We're still here,'" They frequently converse on a group SMS as well. It has been a true lifeline and incredibly grounded, he remarked.

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Ongoing strikes

Ongoing strikes
Ongoing strikes (Image Credits: distractify.com)

In light of the ongoing WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes, the 1990s television actor especially appreciates the companionship of his fellow CADS members. It's quite simple to feel alone out here in Los Angeles, he remarked. There's so much in the theatre and the arts about community. You're driving and thinking to yourself. The mirror is showing you. But it's been great to be around people your age who have faced similar difficulties. It's been fantastic.

It turns out that Weber may thank McCormack because the 60-year-old former cast member of Will & Grace is "a key founder of that bunch."

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Reflecting on his friendship

Reflecting on his friendship
Reflecting on his friendship (Image Credits: lithub.com)

A large group of us CADS went to welcome and support him when he debuted on Broadway, according to Weber.

Because he now appears on Broadway in The Cottage, Weber stepped in for McCormack as co-host of the Project Angel Food Angel Awards. Their friendship has, in his words, "meant the world" to him. He is an honest buddy. He remarked that we have always been open and honest with one another.

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Steven Weber in an interview

Steven Weber in an interview
Steven Weber in an interview (Image Credits: twitter.com)

In an interview, Weber reflected on all of his connections and said, "I have now in my life at this age, a set of pals who have all been through the wars, everybody's gone through all this personal crap and professional stuff, and it's easy to isolate in this job. It's simple to stand there and stare at yourself in the mirror while you deteriorate and spiral toward narcissism, neurosis, and vanity.

"However, my buddies are all grateful beyond measure. He said, "We're pinching each other that we're still here. "We realize how fortunate we are. And we help one another. There is no rivalry since we support, are open with one another, and cooperate. And [McCormack] best represents that.

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