Jennifer Lopez's Style Evolution: From Fly Girl to Global Icon
(Jennifer Lopez's Style Evolution: From Fly Girl to Global Icon/ImageCredits:Vanity Fair)

While Jennifer Lopez seems to be defiling the hands of time and hasn't aged at all throughout the two-decade span of her career, her style has changed quite a bit.

But even with the subtle evolution in her fashion sense one thing has remained constant in all her fashion choices: The singer and actress has always embraced looks that flaunt her flawless figure, from ultra low necklines to super high slits.

Her influence in music and also in the acting industry has also been replicated in the world of fashion. 

Throughout her career, Lopez has had a penchant for glitz and glamorous styles, from shining shoes to sequin-covered frocks. In the early 2000s, she often selected silky gowns or sparkly minidresses, with barely there sandals completing her looks.

In the early to late 90s, Jennifer Lopez often wore outfits that's could easily be worn outdoors on a lovely summer day like a beautiful crop top with white jeans or a crystal-covered set paired with knee-high boots.

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From wearing simple summer styles, Jennifer’s dressing evolved into simple platform sandals with gowns with dramatic thigh-high slits.

This was first noticed in 2000 when the Super Bowl performer first rocked the memorable green Versace gown to the Grammys. The gown was so low cut and had a very high slit that it caused a fashion frenzy boosting her fame to a whole new level. 

Nearly two decades later, at age 50, Lopez made headlines once more by closing the Versace runway show in an updated version of the dress that made her a star.

At the time of the ceremony, Lopez was filming The Wedding Planner when her stylist, Andrea Lieberman, presented her with a selection of looks to wear to the Grammys. Nothing seemed right, and so she put off finding a dress until the day of the show. When Lieberman appeared with three dresses in tow, Lopez knew the green Versace was it—even if it had already been worn by Geri Halliwell and Donatella Versace herself. “This is what we’re going to wear; this is it,” Lopez remembers telling her stylist. And so, décolletage, abs, and legs on full display, the star hit the red carpet.

Jennifer Lopez's Style Evolution: From Fly Girl to Global Icon
(Jennifer Lopez's Style Evolution: From Fly Girl to Global Icon/Image Credits: People Magazine)

“I didn’t think it was all that risqué, to be honest,” she demurs. But the rest of the world did. That evening, Google searches for Lopez in the dress peaked so high it inspired Google founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page and CEO Eric Schmidt to launch a photo search service, Google Images. “The dress was just provocative enough to make people interested,” Lopez continues. “That was a moment that captured people’s imaginations, I think . . . in terms of my career, this dress really marked a moment in time. Even if you don’t know my music and you don’t know my movies, people know about that moment and that dress. That was it.”

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Speaking In an interview for Vogue’s 73 Questions, Jennifer Lopez was asked to name her “favorite look of all time.”

“I think people would think it’s the green Versace dress ’cause it’s the most famous,” Lopez replied. “But I would have to probably say … it’s too hard to choose.”

The mom of two, 53, also told Vogue the only difference between California and the Bronx is “the size of [her] closet,” and described her personal style as “kind of relaxed and tomboyish, but with a little bit of sexy in it.”

Since the debut, of the popular green vasace dress in the 2000s the print has popped up on sneakers, pants and shirts and a lot of Knock offs have also copied the iconic print.

Funny enough, according to Jennifer Lopez, before coming out with the stunning dress, she was worried her boobs were gonna pop out onstage but she decided to go on with it because she just believed that the dress was created for her. 

Now, after nearly two decades, the singer’s most memorable style moment which came out at the 2000 Grammy Awards, when she hit the blue carpet, the iconic dress, further took her to greater heights again in 2019, when the Italian label transformed it into a sneaker.

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Since then, J-Lo has also collaborated on collections with fashion brands like Quay and Giuseppe Zanotti. She has even won the Fashion Icon Award from the CFDA cementing her position as a fashion star.

Jennifer Lopez's Style Evolution: From Fly Girl to Global Icon
(Jennifer Lopez's Style Evolution: From Fly Girl to Global Icon/ImageCredits:Vogue)