Nightmare - The Memory Of Childhood

Nightmare - The Memory Of Childhood
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Kevin Spacey was a second born to his three siblings. The family belonged to a normal middle class and both the parents were working hard as mother being the secretary and father, a technical writer to meet both ends.

The finances were managed by any means to get the stuff going but the dilemma of life was that the kids were exposed to the ruthless fact about their father at a very young age. Thomas, the father, was the racist and moreover he was sexually and physically abusive.

Kevin grew up as a very smart kid to manage avoiding those beating sessions from his father yet he preferred keeping his life quite private as there was not much to show off to the peers.

Despite all these fallings in accordance with the development of a child he very well managed his academics and chose to bring out the lighter version of his personality to the display. 

Journey - Dedication And Determination

Kevin has shown the strong will power to come out from the shadows of an annoying childhood. His self-realization has poured in the traits of hard work, consistency and motivation to present himself in a very unique and acceptable way to the people around. That hunger of being recognized, acknowledged and appreciated by the masses in a positive manner has done wonders for him.

Theatre was the very initial milestone achieved by the struggler in 1981 and he gave his blood and sweat to the live performances to be noticed as a potential star by the related entertainment mediums. It was a long run from the debut to the stardom in theater.

In 1986 the iceberg was broken and the star in the making got a chance to prove himself the right one. He was offered a role on the silver screen. He accepted, he performed and he rocked. This was another milestone achieved by Kevin. Though the success was coming his way but it was taking much of the star in terms of dedication and patience.

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Eventually 200 was the year when Kevin paused and looked back to his journey. The journey was a long one with so many chapters offering different flavors but with each chapter comes a story of achievement and success. Multiple renowned awards were under his sleeve by this time making him “The Star”.

The art of transforming Kevin into a character he has to play was so smooth and real that the spectators start believing whatever he displayed totally forgetting about who he is. This skill and magic of Kevin holds two “Academy Awards” and “Best Actor of the Decade” in 1999 for him.


(Se7en/Image Credits: MusaNews)

A release of 1995 has rocked the box office. The success comes up due to a catching story line, most effective screenplay and breathtaking performances by the cast.

Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman being the famous detectives are seen on the hunt of a serial killer played by Kevin. The art of performing the character is at its best when presented by Kevin. Each move was so real that it brings chills to the audience haunting the cinema halls about what is coming next by the guy.

House Of Cards

This series launched in 2013 and aired on the screens for four years is also a prominent piece of work added by Kevin to the bucket of his success. He plays as a ruthless politician who is pursuing this profession just to satisfy his urge to celebrate the win and have fun with power.

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The story line is close to the heart of the masses as the character depicted by Kevin is played insanely in real terms. Even killing the civilians for the win in politics is the most hated spot in the film but the way the art is performed by the star is much applauded.

American Beauty

American Beauty
(American Beauty/Image Credits: Reuters)

Though the storyline is a very ordinary one depicting a midlife trauma of male figure faced at home and at office. This feeling of being a failure to his family and profession and then being elevated by a teenager holds the audience close to the screen. This performance bought him the best actor award for raising the levels of acting to yet another level.

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