Initial Stages Of Show

The show was initially a segment, on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, where celebrities engaged in entertaining lip sync performances. It gained popularity. Became its own separate show.

The debut episode of Lip Sync Battle became the rated premiere in Spike's history making it a major success for the network. Its success also led to the creation of adaptations. In August 2018 the show was renewed for its season which premiered on January 17 2019.

On September 22 2020 it was announced that the series would be moving to another ViacomCBS network as part of Paramount Networks planned shift to films (although this plan has since been scrapped). However no new home for the show has been announced as of now.

Jimmy Fallon’s Gave Shows Best Memories 

Explore Jimmy Fallon's Lip Sync Battles
(Jimmy Fallon’s Gave Shows Best Memories /Image Credits: The Hollywood Reporter)

To commemorate Jimmy Fallon's birthday TIME ranked some of the lip sync battles in honor of him being in the spotlight.Since 2013 this popular segment, from The Tonight Show has been fulfilling your desire to watch Fallon and a celebrity engage in a competition pretending to sing. To honor the stars who truly excelled in this format they present a few of the unforgettable lip sync battle performances in history (specifically those available online) ranked from highly entertaining, to absolutely masterful.

Stephen Merchant

Throughout both performances he was always in the spotlight. It was absolutely exciting to see the comedian confident. He nailed Beyonce's dance moves even though they had been parodied at times.. There was something about it that reminded me of that friend who secretly believes they're a few YouTube hits away from becoming the next Mariah Carey.

Ellen DeGeneres

Explore Jimmy Fallon's Lip Sync Battles
(Ellen DeGeneres /Image Credits: People)

The first performance really tugged at your emotions and lovable Ellen found a way to delight everyone by singing and laughing along to Diana Ross. However she didn't give Rihanna's empowering anthem Bitch Better Have My Money the force it deserved. Oh Ellen, if you want to climb in these rankings unleash that hidden energy everyone knows you have. Although everything about Ellen's rendition of Rihanna may have fallen short, keep an eye out for her shining moment; her roll on the floor.

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Seth Rogen

Rogen is every lip sync enthusiast's dream because he revealed a side of himself. Once he put on that sweater like his Torontonian for Drake's chart topping hit Hotline Bling  it was game over. He played it safe. Had a finale, which is why he isn't ranked higher but who would have thought he could dance without taking any risks?

Tom Cruise

Explore Jimmy Fallon's Lip Sync Battles
(Tom Cruise /Image Credits: The Hollywood Reporter)

How challenging would it be to convince you that this person can still captivate your emotions? Quite impossible. Tommy absolutely nailed it. Notable moments include Cruise smoothly sliding in as if he's about to perform his Risky Business routine.

Joseph Gordon Levitt

Everybody knew this talented performer would unleash some dance moves. He certainly didn't disappoint. His performance included acts such as energetic head nods, perfectly timed spins with the microphone stand and an overall display of giving his all from start to finish. He truly deserves to be celebrated for his rendition of  Dancer and the close up shot capturing his expressions while effortlessly delivering every line of Nicki Minaj's high energy hit Super Bass was just the icing on the cake.

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