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Jennifer Lopez even after years of coming into spotlight has retained her beauty and class which has made fans very interested in her Skincare Routine .

Finally the iconic singer divulged the secrets behind her incredible skin at age 54, while she did her entire skincare and makeup routine for Vogue magazine.

According to the singer, her secrets to staying young, includes the basic sunscreen daily, using cleansers and sleep. I know right! It’s simple so you can also do it!

In the video, Jennifer started off by lighting a candle, called Santal 26, which she says she loves doing to set the stage.

She revealed that she takes this particular scent of candle with her on the road and in hotels, calling it a 'signature scent' for her.

The mother of two started presenting everything she uses for her daily skin care routine. The first thing she showed was her cleanser, which she picked out from her own JLo Beauty brand.

'I've always had a very simple skincare routine and JLo Beauty was very much about that. I always kind of just was like cleanser, a little bit of a cream, sunscreen, very basic.'

She also took time to clarify the rumors that she used expensive skincare products stating 'I know there was a lot of rumors back in the day that I was like into all of these expensive cleansers and I had to douse myself in La Mer and stuff like that - that really wasn't true,' Jennifer said.

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(Jennifer Lopez's Skincare /ImageCredits:JLo Beauty,Your Next Shoes )

The second skin care product she revealed  she used was a JLo Glow Serum for her face and neck which she added was made from a deep family secret.

'When I was young, my mom and my grandma and aunts, they all had these kind crazy beauty secrets. One was olive oil that actually we use, and we created the Olive Complex for this very product,' adding that there were other 'crazy' ones they did, including mayonnaise in the hair, which she never did.

Jennifer also stated that beauty sleep was one of her biggest secrets to maintaining a health skin. Adding a trick she used to maintain her sleeping hours.

'One of my tricks for when I can't get enough sleep, there's a certain amount of hours that I feel like you can sleep before your face falls asleep. And so it's either under 4 or over 7, that's my rule,' she said.

Jennifer also revealed that using a moisturiser and sun screen daily is also very important as they give your skin a healthy glow daily. Apart from that, they also protect your skin from dehydration and sun burn.

According to the singer, she uses sunscreen every day.

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Lastly, the iconic singer mentioned the most important secret to having a healthy skin is being happy. She emphasized that how you look starts with how rested you are and how happy you are.

You can't cover up how you feel on the inside, how you take care of yourself. People see that, Jennifer said.

So while it is important to follow these tips, according to the singer it’s also essential to take care of your inner happiness, because if you’re not happy, it’ll be very hard for you to maintain a healthy skin.

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