Jodie Turner-Smith Has Reached A Definitive Conclusion Regarding Her Marital Relationship With Joshua Jackson
(Jodie Turner-Smith Has Reached A Definitive Conclusion Regarding Her Marital Relationship With Joshua Jackson /Image Credits: RadarOnline)

Jodie Turner-Smith decided to terminate her marriage to Joshua Jackson. As per an insider source closely associated with the 37-year-old thespian, who has initiated divorce proceedings against the 45-year-old alumnus of Dawson's Creek, her marriage of over three years has come to an unequivocal termination.

The informant further elucidated that the trajectories of the couple in their life journeys have significantly diverged, with Jodie immersing herself deeply in both the realms of motherhood and her professional pursuits. The informant also disclosed that the matrimony had turned deleterious to Jodie's overall well-being, precipitating a profound sense of discontentment within her. Nevertheless, the couple remains resolute in their commitment to collaborative parenting for the sake of their daughter's continued flourishing. 

The legal foundation for their separation

In the divorce petition obtained by Turner-Smith, the actress stated irreconcilable differences as the legal basis for their divorce. Turner-Smith has requested the court to grant joint custody of their daughter, Juno Rose Diana Jackson, whom they welcomed in April 2020. 

The initial encounter between the Sex Education actress and Jackson took place at Usher's birthday celebration in 2018. In August 2019, speculations of an upcoming wedding arose when the couple was seen obtaining a marriage license in Beverly Hills. Subsequently, a source confirmed their marriage on August 18, 2019. 

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Displaying her gravid abdomen

Displaying her gravid abdomen
( Displaying her gravid abdomen /Image Credits: The Bump)

On International Women's Day in 2020, the actress-model took to her Instagram Story to announce that she and Jackson were preparing to welcome a baby girl. The renowned star of Queen & Slim shared a video showcasing her pregnant belly, accompanied by the caption, Can you observe her graceful movements within? Each time I attempt to capture it on video, she ceases. 

After the arrival of their offspring, Jackson conveyed his profound appreciation to Turner-Smith on the occasion of Mother's Day, employing Instagram as his platform of choice. He extended his gratitude to his spouse for bestowing upon him the esteemed privilege of parenthood, all the while extolling her virtues as a newly anointed mother. Accompanying these sentiments, he shared a captivating photograph portraying her tenderly cradling their infant progeny.

The sentiment was mutually expressed

I am immensely grateful for the profound grace you have exhibited since the arrival of our daughter. The dedication you demonstrate appears effortless, although I am well aware of the effort it requires, he wrote in the caption. 

On the 13th of September, coinciding with the date Turner-Smith specified as her moment of parting, she conveyed her profound appreciation for the affection lavished upon her during her 37th birthday. This profound emotion was eloquently articulated via a post disseminated on her Instagram profile, featuring an array of captivating snapshots captured during her birthday soiree in the bustling urban enclave of New York City. 

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The photographs exhibited her various interactions

The photographs exhibited her various interactions
(The photographs exhibited her various interactions /Image Credits: The Today Show)

In the caption, she reflected on the various forms that love can take, emphasizing that it is not an unattainable concept but rather a gesture, a look, and an intention. Turner-Smith also highlighted the importance of love within a community and the significance of showing up for one another. While the pictures showcased her interactions with friends and family, it was noticeable that Jackson was absent from the collection. 

In her final remarks, Turner-Smith extended her heartfelt appreciation to all those who lent their unwavering support during her sojourn in the bustling metropolis of New York. She acknowledged the profound significance of these gestures, holding none of them in disregard. Most significantly, she held in the highest esteem the presence of each and every individual who has demonstrated their affection and backing for her cause.

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