Julia Fox And Kanye West Broke Up; She Didn’t Write About Sex!
( Julia Fox And Kanye West Broke Up; She Didn’t Write About Sex!/ImageCredits:People)

In her new biography, Julia Fox discusses her sexual life in detail, but not with her ex-boyfriend Kanye West. Fox, 33, said she thought sex played a significant role in her life narrative when she set out to write a memoir during an interview with The New York Times about her soon-to-be-released book Down the Drain.

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Julia Fox about her sex life!

Julia Fox about her sex life!
(Julia Fox about her sex life!/ImageCredits:Yahoo)

I believed that to be the truth. When questioned if she "always" knew she would include details of her sex life, she responded, Why not write it?

In my own writing, I have a tendency to skim over important details.  I say, "This bizarre thing happened. Moving forward, then, stated Fox. So I deliberately placed the reader in the space. I did not want to overlook anything. So perhaps certain details are excessive.

Asked why she didn't describe her brief relationship with West, 46, whom she briefly dated in early 2022, Fox responded, "Because there, like, wasn't any. That wasn't the main focus.

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Julia Fox and Kanye West's relationship!

Julia Fox and Kanye West's relationship!
(Julia Fox and Kanye West's relationship!/ImageCredits:The Sun,Us Weekly)

The Uncut Gems actor and West dated for less than two months, however, they appeared together on red carpets during that period. They first met in Miami on New Year's Eve 2021. After the rapper and his ex-wife Kim Kardashian parted ways in February 2021, they had a brief romance. Valentine's Day 2022 brought word from a source that Fox and West were no longer together.

Fox said that Down the Drain did not go into great length about her relationship with West, who is now known as Ye when she talked with the publication earlier this month at the Victoria's Secret World Tour 2023 in New York.

She remarked on the information referencing the rapper and music producer, It's like six pages. I feel like I handled it really gently. It's all in the past; I'm not trying to arouse ill will or anything. Although Fox has changed several of the characters' identities in her book, the one who is unmistakably West is referred to as the artist.

She stated, "I think I did a fantastic job of masking individuals as much as I could, but clearly people will know. "I'll make sure to swiftly let anyone who feels insulted know that I was only trying to be kind to them. I may have caused greater harm. On Tuesday, October 10, Simon & Schuster will release Down the Drain.

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