Julie Chen Moonves Attributes Her Profound Connection With Her Spouse, Les
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Five years ago, Julie Chen Moonves was involuntarily removed from her position on The Talk following allegations of sexual harassment and assault against her husband, Les Moonves, by 12 women. 

Despite the accusations, the author of But First, God, who is 53 years old, chose to support her husband whom she had been married to since 2004. When signing off of Big Brother, she began using her married name and issued a statement describing the former CBS executive, who is 73 years old, as "a kind, decent, and moral human being."

Operating the media corporation

In this week's issue, Chen Moonves explains, "I never took his last name when he was running the media company where I was working, where it could be intimidating. 

At the time, Chen Moonves believed that her hiatus from The Talk would only be of short duration, lasting a few days or weeks. "Nevertheless, after viewing the inaugural episode and attentively listening to the dialogue, it became evident to me that I could never contemplate a return," she reminisces.

Chen Moonves harboured a profound aspiration

After her departure, Chen Moonves experienced feelings of confusion, anger, and a sense of being lost. I was unsure of my next steps and yearned for answers. Chen Moonves strongly desired for her personal life to cease being the subject of media attention. 

"Photographs of moving boxes were misconstrued, as we were simply relocating back into our home after completing some renovations. I simply wished for all the speculation and inaccurate reports to come to an end."

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The Capacity To Surmount

The Capacity To Surmount
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During that challenging period, Chen Moonves developed a profound spiritual connection. However, she attributes their resilience and ability to overcome to her enduring bond with Moonves, rather than solely relying on divine intervention.

In November of the previous year, Moonves was obligated to compensate CBS stockholders with a sum of $2.5 million, as per the judgment of New York State Attorney General Letitia James. The attorney general believed that these stockholders were initially kept uninformed about the allegations against Moonves, although he never confessed to any wrongdoing.

The solid foundation that provided guidance

"We possess an unwavering bond," asserts Chen Moonves. It was our love and solid foundation that guided us through. Chen Moonves persisted in her role as the host of Big Brother due to the nature of the show, which does not delve into personal lives.

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They conveyed their lack of willingness

In her audio memoir, Chen Moonves acknowledges that she was a victim of circumstances resulting from her husband's mistakes, stating, "I was collateral damage." However, she reveals that her difficulties on The Talk existed before 2018.

Chen Moonves experienced a sense of betrayal when her co-host Leah Remini and certain colleagues approached CBS and expressed their unwillingness to work with her due to their perception of her as overly strict. Consequently, Chen Moonves distanced herself from Remini for a significant period.

She Commenced Her Spiritual Expedition

She Commenced Her Spiritual Expedition
(She commenced her spiritual expedition/Image Credits: RadarOnline)

During that time, Chen Moonves felt betrayed by Remini's actions. She acknowledges that Remini eventually apologized after a year, but it took Chen Moonves some time to be ready to reconnect with her, a process that began when she embarked on her spiritual journey.

Chen Moonves speaks highly of Remini, describing her as someone with a compassionate nature, a great sense of humour, and strong convictions. She considers Remini to be a genuinely good person.

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Individual connection with the divine

Having been baptized in 2022 and now being a member of five churches, Chen Moonves believes that her personal story serves as evidence that it is never too late for anyone to establish a personal relationship with God. She asserts that once this connection is formed, an individual will experience a profound sense of peace that surpasses all understanding, emphasizing that no one is alone in their journey.