The infamous lingerie model, Kelly Brook, who has worked with many brands, chose to be the model for her exclusive New Look underwear range. During an interview, Kelly opened up about her diet, fashion, and lifestyle choices that have still made her one of the most demanding lingerie models today.

Healthy eating

Kelly Brook’s Lifestyle & Beauty Tips For Stunning Lingerie Model look
(Kelly Brook’s Lifestyle & Beauty Tips For Stunning Lingerie Model look /Image Credits: Pinterest)

When it comes to eating and consuming healthy food, Kelly was clear about it. She said that she likes to cook her food so that she knows what’s going on in her body. She further went on to mention that the blander the food will be, the healthier it will be, as spices bloat up our tummies.

Flawless Complexion

Kelly has flawless shiny skin and the secret had to be known. Brook was clear about her crystal clear skin being owed to her sleeping patterns and water consumption. The 34-year-old model emphasized getting 8-10 hours of sleep to avoid wrinkles and dark spots and drinking lots of water. She also did not shy away from telling the media about the Yon-ka cleansers and serums she uses for her skin.During the interview, Brook mentioned a few of her favorite products which included Shani Darden Retinol cream, Bio oils, Lancer Skincare range, Vaseline, and Linda Meredith Gommage to prevent her skin from drying up and moisturizing and plumping her fresh face.

How to Stay Fit?

Kelly Brook has simply said no to diets. She believes in a healthy diet with less sugar and carbs consumption and emphasizes staying strong and healthy instead of slim by following Atkins's Nutritional Approach. About staying fit, the model explained her fitness routine which included long walks, swimming, and cycling around the town. This is only followed when she is in her hometown in England.However, when she is working she participates in Barry’s Bootcamp classes, along with judo training and weight lifting.

Regular Pampering

Brook highlighted the need for pampering herself regularly as part of her beauty routine. On and off, The Survival Island star has a spa day for herself where her body goes through lots of scrubbing, while at home, she prefers to use Penhaligon’s bath oils during baths every once in a while.

Hair Care Routine

Kelly Brook’s Lifestyle & Beauty Tips For Stunning Lingerie Model look
(Kelly Brook’s Lifestyle & Beauty Tips For Stunning Lingerie Model look /Image Credits: Daily Star)

Kelly busted the myth of getting frequent haircuts to grow your hair longer, and has claimed the opposite to be true and went on to advise her fans and followers to not cut their hair shirt if they want them to grow.

Get rid of bad smell

When asked about maintaining her freshness throughout the day, Brook was quick to mention her perfume brand, Audition, which she marketed as one that makes her go throughout the day till the night. It not only has a nice fragrance but also makes her feel seductive about herself.Beauty tips or not, the model has a positive attitude towards life and enjoys it to the fullest, which makes her beautiful and flawless.