Sofia Vergara And 'modern Family': The Show That Made Her A Household Name
( Sofia Vergara And 'modern Family': The Show That Made Her A Household Name/ImageCredits:HobbyConsolas)

Sofia Vergara is one of the most powerful women in the world — 32nd, to be exact (according to Forbes in 2014). The actor, model, and accomplished business woman became a household name after appearing in ABC's groundbreaking sitcom "Modern Family." The show was a milestone for TV in many ways, as it sought to portray real "modern" families rather than the white, heteronormative nuclear families that had become commonplace on TV. 

Over the course of its 11 seasons, the show presented a beautiful timeline of how an unconventional but loving family came to be. Since the show aired, Vergara has seen her net worth balloon, at one point named the highest paid actress in the world by Forbes. The same site has noted that, as of 2020, her net worth had grown to $43 million. Though much her income comes from her skillful investing, she earned a truly staggering salary on Modern Family.

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Sofia Vergara Life turning point after the Modern Family

Sofia Vergara Life turning point after the Modern Family
(Sofia Vergara Life turning point after the Modern Family/ImageCredits:HobbyConsolas)

Sofia has made a name for herself as a businesswoman as well as an actress. “It’s fun, it’s all part of this adventure I have been lucky to be living since I hit Modern Family and was able to do all the other things I always wanted to do in my career: endorsements and creating a perfume, a furniture line, a clothing line, all the businesses I always had in my mind and why I wanted to be in the entertainment business even though I never thought I could act,” she told The Independent.

Sofia talked to Buzzfeed about the ending of the series in 2019, when the details were still unwritten and any outline was even under wraps. In the end, Gloria gets to pursue her career while Jay stays home, but she wasn’t worried about her character’s fate in the show’s finale. Gloria has such a great life and such a beautiful family that I think anything that the writers have prepared for her, I’m going to be happy with, she told Buzzfeed. Sofia talked to DuJour magazine about the show’s ending when it was announced in 2019. “It’s going to be very sad for all of us to finish a show that has been so good to us. We’ve had the best schedule, we’ve had the best people working on the show, it’s been a dream job, I think, for all of us,” she said. “It’s sometimes once in a lifetime for an actor to find a show as amazing as Modern Family.

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Her Salary for the Show

Her Salary for the Show
( Her Salary for the Show/ImageCredits:HobbyConsolas)

As reported by PureWow, Sofia Vergara made roughly $30,000 per episode during the show's first season. She received pay increases as the show continued to take off, with PureWow also noting that — as of 2018 (Season 10) — Vergara was making $500,000 per episode. For a 22-episode season, this would net Vergara $11 million before taxes. For comparison, Robin Wright, the star of Netflix's former flagship prestige drama, "House of Cards," made about $420,000 per episode as of the show's third season in 2015 (via Forbes). For a 13-episode season, she was paid a little under $5.5 million.

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Her Genuine love for acting

Her Genuine love for acting
(Her Genuine love for acting/ImageCredits:HobbyConsolas)

All the hard work that got her to the top has left Sofia pretty level headed, it seems. “I can’t be that picky because the truth is that I’m very new to acting, I’ve never had an acting class in my life. I always feel very honored to have a director or my agents call me to offer me a part,” she told DuJour. “Unless it’s something that I know I can’t do, like if they’re [looking for] singers, of course I’m not going to go to that audition! If it’s a role I think that I can do I’ll do it because for me it’s all a learning experience.

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