Getting your hair short is a bold move especially when you have long hair for quite some time. But on the other hand, cutting your hair can feel liberating, like you are self-reinventing yourself.

Kardashian’s New Look

Surprising New Look Of Kim Kardashian
(Kardashian’s New Look / Image Credits: Business Insider)

Kim Kardashian has recently changed her hair from a medium-length wave and adopted new jet-black hair with bangs. It was surprising for her fans as they usually see her without bangs. While publicly showing her new look, she wore a sleek black dress with a golden chain and leather belt.

Although Kim Kardashian is no stranger to her bold fashion choices, her new look surprises everyone. She was seen attending an event in Los Angeles CA about this is about humanity anniversary soiree. Her hair was tied back in a high ponytail and featured blunt bangs on her forehead. Kardashian’s hairstyle was a little bit edgy but beautifully complimented her all-black outfit.

The outfit that came bold includes a form-fitting Alaïa dress with high necks and long sleeves. It also includes a leather belt across her waist complemented by pointed boots. The golden necklace that Kim wore was from Chanel. Her square-shaped pearl purse was also from Chanel.

It is unclear who styled Kardashian's hair and if her bangs were real or just a clip-in extension. Memorably, this new style resonates with the hairstyle Kim Kardashian wore as she started her career. In the early 2000s, she used to wear side bangs. The famous star from Keeping Up with the Kardashians also beautifully wore more traditional bangs back in 2008 that matched her bold hairstyles.

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Kim Kardashian's Previous Look

Surprising New Look Of Kim Kardashian
(Kim Kardashian's Previous Look / Image Credits: Daily Mail,Daily Express)

The 42-year-old Kim was seen wearing a new shorter hairstyle before that on an Instagram story. She was wearing the latest skim collection along with low-rise sweatpants and a black sports bra. Kim told the camera while taking a mirror video, “The sports bra is super cute, just like my new haircut.”

The sleek Italian bob shocked the public. But, on Kim’s oval face, this new look suited perfectly. Various celebrities have also changed their locks this summer. Megan Fox and Emily Ratajkowski dyed their hair while Chrissy Teigen also chopped off her hair into a long bob. And Kardashian is no stranger to style change.

The former star of the reality TV show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, also shows off her little corset top before informing her followers that she wanted them to see her new look. She shared a series of full-length selfies while lying in the bed.

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Fans Opinions

On a Reddit forum, Kardashians fans started accusing Kim of copying Kourtney's style back from two years ago. One viewer complained, “Ugh she looks way too much like Kourtney with it short.” Another fan commented, “Next season will be Kourt crying about how Kim copied her hair.”

However some other fans did not take Kim’s style negatively. One person commented, “Kourtney looked like Kim. Kim has rocked this way before.”