Star Trek debut

10 Times Star Trek Appeared In Other Tv Shows
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Star Trek debut in 1966, who is the pop culture phenomenon that currently ranges many TV programs and movies, however, it has been referred to in various other TV shows too. Many movies, books, television shows call back and reference to Star Trek the show become so ingrained in American popular culture for so long. Furthermore, there are many references for Trek across all pop culture to show them all, However, the absolute best ones are found in the world of television.
Where the Star Trek itself succeed this shouldn't be surprise as TV. In any event, TV programs actually left far too many to list, as couple of franchises are just about enduring and beloved as Star Trek. It positively demonstrates that the imitation is the sincerest form of adulation.
So the following are 10 of the best appeared to Star Trek in other television shows.

10 Times Star Trek Appeared In Other TV Shows


10 Times Star Trek Appeared In Other Tv Shows
(Stargate /Rotten Tomatoes)

The Stargate franchise may very well contain too many Star Trek appearances, and a few Star Trek actors show up on the three Stargate shows. however, John Billingsly, who plays Dr. Phlox on Star Trek, is well known to Trek. Enterprise, also plays a minor person character on Stargate SG-1 who is an energetic Fan am makes a few Star Trek references, including the line: I don't understand how you can call yourself a researcher and not worship at the special raised area of Roddenberry! whereas Colonel Jack O'Neill (Richard Dean Anderson) is one of the main character in Stargate SG-1, once he referred himself Captain Kirk and also requested that a newly constructed ship be named Enterprise. On Stargate: Atlantis occasionally the doctor of station uses the line: I'm a specialist, not a  which was frequently used by Dr. McCoy in Star Trek, there are also less references on Stargate: Universe, however the character of Eli does makes references to Genesis devices from Wrath of Khan when they run over a planet that has been artificially made.


10 Times Star Trek Appeared In Other Tv Shows
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There are many references to the Star Trek franchise throughout four seasons of Farscape.the greater part of them from the protagonist, John Crichton (Ben Browder). However, his alien partners don't understand his references. While talk a little Klingon more than once Crichton refers to Captain Kirk. There is likewise in one episode the scene where Crichton is trying to speak with mechanical device that can only blink once for yes or two for no. He names this gadget Diagnostic Repair Drone Pike, regarding to the way the harmed Captain Pike talks in The Original Series two-part episode The Menagerie.

Doctor Who

10 Times Star Trek Appeared In Other Tv Shows
( Doctor Who /Comet TV)

A lot of reference to Star Trek, Doctor who is another long running science fiction show. Rose Tyler who is plays like Billie Piper is one of the friend of the Doctor, one more character who continues to refers to the  Doctor as Mr. Spock until he is corrected. Star Trek is mentioned by name occasionally when many individual encounter aliens or futuristic technology, and a fw character also make the Vulcan salute, With the voice over of Doctor (Peter Capaldi) the episode named Oxygen starts ,in which he says: Space. The final frontier Last since it wants to kill us. Several of the spaceships and other visuals in Doctor Who resemble ships of Star Trek and scenes, in addition to direct reference.

The X-Files

10 Times Star Trek Appeared In Other Tv Shows
( The X-Files /Comet TV)

Another well know science fiction show, The X-Files followed FBI Agents Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) and Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) as they looks unexplainable phenomena. Aliens were a significant piece of the show's mythology, so it's just logical that characters would incidentally make reference to Star Trek. There a few flashback scenes, in one scenes a Mulder who is young is seen dressed in a Spock costume, with complete pointed Vulcan ears. There a few quips referring to Star Trek all through the series, however one scene specifically mimics Spock's well known death scene from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. Whereas the Scully and Mulder occasionally demand the help of a trio of PC programmers known as the Lone Gunmen. In the final scene of Lone Gunmen they are trapped behind a glass partition while the room fills with deadly gas, Their companions can only look on as the Lone Gunmen sacrifice themselves to save the day.


10 Times Star Trek Appeared In Other Tv Shows
(Supernatural /Wallpaper Abyss - Alpha Coders)

Two Siblings brothers who travel the country hunting monsters, powerful went for 15 seasons and hold the record as the longest-running sort show on TV. So it's fitting that it would contain various shout-outs to one of the best science fiction franchises ever. However, the fans of the show think of Sam Winchester (Jared Padalecki) as the nerdy one of the pair of siblings, the majority of the Star trek references usually come from Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles). In fact, he references the Vulcan mind-meld and the holodeck, he likewise makes reference to Star Trek IV:  An episode named The Voyage Home that involves going back in time. Neither his sibling nor his surrogate uncle, Bobby (Jim Beaver), figure out this reference, with Bobby answering, I just watched Deep Space Nine.


10 Times Star Trek Appeared In Other Tv Shows
( Futurama / Futurama)

In the 31st century, Philip J. Fry and his delivery company coworkers follows the adventures in Futurama. Where No Fan Has Gone Before, the season 4 episode, Philip Fry discovers that watching or discussing Star Trek has been banned. This episode contains most of the cast from The Original Series in which their cast member’s voicings their respective characters which featuring the majority to name. The actual episode is structured like the two-section Menagerie with elements of a few other Star Trek storylines.  In many famous episode of Star Trek, the forbidden planet that Fry and his companions is features in set pieces. While the episode makes fun at Star Trek fans, obviously it was written by people who definitely love the series.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow

10 Times Star Trek Appeared In Other Tv Shows
( DC's Legends of Tomorrow/ STAR Plus )

A few characters who was first introduced in Arrow and The Flash now appeared in DC superhero show. DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is a good-time -traveling romp. In the season 5 episode The One Where We're Trapped in TV, the character thinks that they were trapped in different television programs. one of which is called Star Trip, a spoof on Star Trek: The Original Series.  Tis sequence incorporates a voiceover presenting the adventures of the USS Faterider, which complete with shockingly decent William Shatner impression courtesy of Caity Lotz's Sara Lance.  There are addionally also Klingon/Romulan-like aliens and a blast that sends anonymous officers who flying across the bridge, while the substitutes for Kirk and Spock remain somewhat sound. The uniforms, set and captains ‘chairs all look like they come from Star Trek as well.


10 Times Star Trek Appeared In Other Tv Shows
( Castle /The Direct )

To investigate the various crime along with the police the cast which is led by Nathon Fillion's Richard Castle, also the title character as he follows. Castle himself makes numerous Star Trek references, throughout the show, including citing the show and comparing his actions to a scene from star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. The obvious example come in the episode The Final Frontier. which was directed by Jonathan Frakes. however along with the fan experience for a trek-like show FRakes also make cameo in the episode, there are two or three camera shots suggestive of iconic Star Trek shots, and Castle utters the famous TNG line: Let's make sure that history never forgets the name Enterprise.

Black Mirror

10 Times Star Trek Appeared In Other Tv Shows
( Black Mirror/Hotstar )

USS Callister the season 4 episode of The Black Mirror doesn't really specify the Star Trek by name, the entire reasons are a parody of Star Trek and harmful being fan culture. In this episode the main character is obsessed with Trek-like series called Space Fleet. And he makes a whole computer generated reality game around the fictional world. The ship and costumes are all reminiscent of Star Trek. when he is in the game the Kirk-like cadence talks with the main character. Obviously, the manner he behaves in the game is the actual direct opposite to Star Trek, and it's approaching together and rising up of the other characters that feels more like Trek-story.

FFBuffy the Vampire Slayer

10 Times Star Trek Appeared In Other Tv Shows
(Buffy the Vampire Slayer /The Source Magazine )

For the Star Trek reference the show about the young girl hunting vampire may not seem like obvious place, yet buffy manages to sneak in a few.  Many references are a source of Buffy's (Sarah Michelle Geller) friend.  Xander (Nicholas Brendon) who is the group's pop culture. At different places in the show, Xander quotes Captain Kirk and recognizes Klingon writing. To remain calm, the other character tells him. then he remarks that Calm might work for Locutus of the Borg here, yet I’m freaked out, an I mean to stay that way. Even though Buffy dis begin airing shortly after the TNG had ended, these references are a little less obscure than some of the others on this list.