Kylie Jenner's Tips for Building A Successful Social Media Presence
(Kylie Jenner's Tips for Building A Successful Social Media Presence/Image Credits:Fox News)

With over 250 million social media followers and a $900 million dollar empire, there’s no denying that Kylie Jenner has mastered the art of social media storytelling to further her popularity and promote her makeup line. 

In doing so, she’s leveraged her personal brand with direct to consumer commerce to create engaging content and distribute it effectively across new media channels.

For those looking to be like Kylie and expand their brand and social media presence, here are five social media lessons to learn from her empire.

Know Your Audience

As a global influencer and youngest member of one of the most famous families, Kylie has cornered the fashion and beauty market. She’s tapped into the demographic of millennials and Gen Z’ers who are passionate about new trends and have grown up with reality TV and social media. 

Because of this, she speaks to her followers similarily how she’d talk to her own friends and family and focuses her content distribution across Snapchat, Instagram, and YouTube.

 According to market research that demographic find Instagram to be the top platform for brand discoverability, YouTube for shopping recommendations, and Snapchat to document their shopping experiences. For Kylie, she focuses on those channels with her brand and sales strategy to have a comprehensive approach to social media execution -- making sure she maximizes her audience reach.

 The KylieCosmetics brand positioning and messaging reflect her knowledge base of this demographic and produce products around these insights including “On Wednesday Matte Lip Kit” -- a reference to Mean Girls -- and the slang lingo “Damm Gina Gloss.

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Promote Your Products

Kylie Jenner's Tips for Building A Successful Social Media Presence
(Promote Your Products/Image Credits:Harper's Bazaar Arabia)

The power of the KylieCosmetics brand is that her social media followers are real fans. They want to know all the ins and outs of her daily life from what she cooks for breakfast to which club she is celebrating her birthday at or any photos of her baby, Stormi. Since her audience is glued to every Snapchat Story or Instagram Post, she uses this to her advantage and creates content specifically about her new collections.

 For every three to four photos on her Instagram that highlight her personal life, she then includes a product shot which also receives a magnitude of likes and comments.

 On Snapchat, she shows her followers all the behind-the-scenes aspects of producing KylieCosmetics with trips to her factory, telling her fans when an upcoming collection launches and promoting her flash sales with selfies.

Tip: Integrate fun, authentic content that intrigues your community, alongside products that increase sales. Take your followers throughout your daily life so that they connect with you, and they’ll want to purchase your products. Think strategically about your content and how many posts you create that are personal in nature and how many are sales driven.

Ignore The Haters 

With trolls commenting on her social content, Kylie shows that you have to move beyond negative press and focus on your vision and dream. With $630 million in sales since launching in 2016, the data and numbers can silence the haters. In ignoring the negative, she can focus on providing the community that adores her with exclusive access at her pop-up shops and appearances, and she creates a special bond with fans as she replies and reposts their content across social media channels.

Partner With Influencers

Kylie Jenner's Tips for Building A Successful Social Media Presence
(Partner With Influencers/Image Credits:Cosmopolitan)

Kylie already has a built-in network of influencers, but she maximizes reach through partner collections with her Mom, Kris and sisters, Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney. With each partnership launch, there is a large-scale digital campaign with YouTube videos and social media posts -- as each Kardashian has millions of followers. Beyond her family, she also taps into beauty influencers like MakeupShayla and Nicol Concilio to provide outside credibility for the makeup line through their own Instagram posts and YouTube tutorials where they share their thoughts on the makeup.

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