Leonardo Dicaprio Revealed His Favourite Tv Shows To Binge-watch
( Leonardo DiCaprio's Favorite TV Shows/ImageCredits:Marca.com)

Leonardo Dicaprio was born in 1974 in Los Angeles. In 1980, he began his career and started to appear on television. He did commercials but later starred in major roles. With his talent and personality, he also received critical praise and awards for his films. Moreover, some of his films have grossed over $7.2 billion worldwide.

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Leonardo DiCaprio's Favorite TV Shows

Leonardo DiCaprio's Favorite TV Shows
( Leonardo DiCaprio's Favorite TV Shows/ImageCredits:Entertainment Tonight)

Let’s have a look at Leonardo Dicaprio’s favourite TV show which he revealed in an interview. When it comes to watching interesting TV shows he is always there. He loves to watch these shows. Binge-watching is a teen drama that he likes and recommends everyone to watch.

Euphoria is an HBO series that Leonardo Dicaprio loved. According to him, it was amazing. However, euphoria is a teen film and about a fictional one you must watch once. It is a bold series that offers a challenging perspective towards adults. 

Along with this, he did several series in his professional acting career. He did the movie ‘’Titanic’’ which has become the most popular series so far. However, it was a great success for him. His performance revolves around the world. In Titanic, he stands as a teen ideal and romantic lead and puts an image in the audience's mind to recognize him from his character.

In 2007, as a producer, he produced his first comedy film which was Gardener of Eden. For which he received critical praise. Later, he produced another movie, The 11th Hour. The film has been a great success. In 2008, he won the Earth Watch Environmental Film Award.

In 2010, he collaborated with Scorsese in the psychological film. He played the role of Teddy. The performance was fantastic. People called it an emotionally complex performance. The film has grossed over $294 million worldwide.

In 2013, Leonardo Dicaprio decided to take a break from his acting career. In that year, he released his four films as an actor and producer as well. No doubt, he is a wonderful performer who has done an incredible job in his journey. From Titanic to every film he received critical praise.

In 2014, he was nominated for the outstanding performance awards. He also produced his series on Netflix which was ‘’the sustainability secret’’. However, in 2019, after producing he came back to acting after four years of break. Moreover, he received an Oscar, a Golden Globe, and the award for Best Supporting Actor.

Thus, Leonardo Dicaprio has done outstanding performances in his whole acting career. However, he also received an Oscar for his Best Actor performance. We have also discussed his favourite TV show to binge-watch. He revealed his TV show which he loved to watch. Throughout his favourite TV show, we also talked about his journey as an actor.

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