Bradley Cooper And Gigi Hadid Were Seen Walking Together In New York City
(Bradley Cooper And Gigi Hadid Were Seen Walking Together In New York City/ Image Credits: People)

Bradley Cooper and Gigi Hadid were observed strolling in unison through the streets of New York City last Friday. The 28-year-old supermodel was adorned in an extended ebony coat and trousers, complemented by a heathered woolen cap and obsidian-tinted shades. In stark contrast, the 48-year-old thespian of Oscar-nominated acclaim donned a cobalt long-sleeved shirt elegantly draped over onyx slacks.

They Were Seen Dining Together

The two were first linked earlier this month when they were spotted dining together at Via Carota in New York City's West Village neighborhood before getting into the same SUV. Days after their dinner outing, the model and Nightmare Alley actor were once again spotted together in N.Y.C. as Hadid rode in the same car as Cooper, with the actor driving.

In accordance with a report, their proximity has significantly increased in recent weeks, leading to an enjoyable connection. Hadid has nurtured a longstanding admiration for Cooper, and their affinity blossomed through their mutual passions, encompassing her aspiration to embark on an acting career. 

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The Progression Of The Relationship Could Be Enhanced

The Progression Of The Relationship Could Be Enhanced
(The Progression Of The Relationship Could Be Enhanced/ Image Credits: SpotboyE, Times News UK)

Although their relationship appears casual at the moment, they both have busy lives and understand the demands of their respective careers and family lives. The source suggests that there is an attraction between them and it's possible that their relationship could progress. 

Hadid and Malik were previously in a relationship and have a 3-year-old daughter named Khai. However, they ended their relationship in October 2021 after dating for almost six years. Similarly, Cooper was previously in a relationship with Russian model Irina Shayk and they have a 6-year-old daughter named Lea De Seine. 

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Spending Weekends Away In Each Other's Company

In the year 2015, their romantic journey commenced, yet after a mere span of two years, their paths diverged, leading to a separation. Astonishingly, despite the divergent course of their romance, they forged an enduring friendship.

As the chronicle of Cooper and Hadid's connection unfolds, a well-informed informant divulges an intriguing narrative. The duo embarked on weekend escapades, a deliberate endeavor to invest more moments in each other's presence, delving deeper into the labyrinthine depths of their souls.

As per the informant's revelation, Gigi finds profound solace in the moments spent with Bradley, far removed from the cacophonous urban milieu. Their weekends often bear the weight of shared adventures, wherein the orchestration of experiences becomes an art form. Notably, the resonance between them finds amplification in Bradley's role as a father, an element that augments their bond and augments the symphony of their shared existence.

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