Madonna's Favorite Movies To Watch On A Rainy Day
(Madonna's Favorite Movies To Watch On A Rainy Day/ImageCredits:Bashaw Star)

Madonna is ranked  as one of the greatest musical icon of all time and have bagged several awards to that effect.
However, asides from her singing career, Madonna have also had a good run in acting, although this good run in the film industry was almost ruined by her poor performance in Shanghai Surprise and Swept Away. But actually, if you double back and revisit her old work, there are some hidden gems that will keep you glued to your screen on a rainy day. 

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Here are 5 top Madonna movies to watch!

1. Die Another Day (2002)

Madonna's Favorite Movies To Watch On A Rainy Day
(1. Die Another Day /ImageCredits:Rotten Tomatoes)

This is one of Madonna’s best movie. In die another day, Madonna plays a sophisticated fencing instructor with an air of mystery. Although the movie is fondly remembered for the moment Halle Berry emerges from the ocean bikini-first and sashays towards 007 in slow motion. Madonna’s exceptional acting and the excellent storyline is sure to keep you entertained and lost to the world. In the movie Madonna features with a confusing accent that never quite lands in a completely definable country. Is she American? English? Jamaican? New Zealand? No one will ever know. And that’s the point! Mystery.Watch Video

2. Who is That Girl (1987)

Madonna's Favorite Movies To Watch On A Rainy Day
(2. Who is That Girl /ImageCredits:IMDb)

Critics at the time of Who is That Girl release, called the movie a flop. However, after rewatching the movie, this one isn't as bad as the history books would have you believe. In career terms Madonna was at her zenith - it came out around the time of True Blue. In this movie Madonna plays a good-time girl falsely accused of murder and how she tries to prove her innocence. Madonna brings in the right amount of Madonna-ish sense of preposterousness enough to make the movie a must watch.

3. Evita (1996)

Madonna's Favorite Movies To Watch On A Rainy Day
(3. Evita /ImageCredits:YouTube)

Evita is another Madonna’s movie you should take out time to watch. In the movie Madonna plays Eva Peron, the First Lady of Argentina caught in a political conspiracy. With the help of Andrew Lloyd Webber and his pals, Evita lurched Madonna’s fame in the movie industry earning her a Golden Globe award for Best Actress in a Musical About Tragic South American Politicians. But unfortunately she missed out on the all-important MTV Award.

4. In Bed with Madonna (1991)

Madonna's Favorite Movies To Watch On A Rainy Day
(4. In Bed with Madonna/ImageCredits:Excalibur Auctions)

This movie was literally about Madonna. In bed with Madonna is a documentary about Madonna. In America it was called Madonna: Truth or Dare, and it follows her at the height of her successful career, during the 1990 'Blond Ambition' tour. The movie showed the inside life of one of the most notorious superstars of all time, it's actually pretty excellent, and because lots of it was filmed in black and white, it's also quite arty. Watch Video

5. Desperately Seeking Susan (1985)

Madonna's Favorite Movies To Watch On A Rainy Day
(5. Desperately Seeking Susan /ImageCredits:Flixable)

Desperately seeking Susan was one of Madonna’s first major acting role. In the movie she played a wild New York bohemian, hero-worshipped by Rosanna Arquette's bored local housewife. At the time she was at the height of her pop power, so it was like art coming to life on screen. This movie is definitely worth visiting, or revisiting.

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