Megan Fox Overview

Megan Fox Overview
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Megan Fox was an American actor and model. At the tender age of five, she enrolled for dance and drama classes. She continued training even after her family moved to Florida from Tennessee. She began modeling at the age of 13, and won several awards. She made her acting debut at the age of 15 when she played Brianna in the film Holiday in the Sun. She received her breakthrough role as Mikaela Banes in Transformers for which she was nominated for a MTV Movie Award and three Teen Choice Awards. 

However, it was her role in the sequel Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen that brought her much acclaim. The role also earned her Teen Choice Awards in two categories, named Choice Female Hottie and Choice Summer Movie Star Female. Her role in Jennifer’s Body was also received well by her fans, and she won Teen Choice Awards under the Choice Female Hottie and Choice Movie Actress: Horror/Thriller categories.

Body Dysmorphia Confession

Megan Fox struggles with body dysmorphia and has never loved her own body. She has reflected on her issues with body image and admitted she does not see herself in the same way other people see her. According to the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, she said that she have body dysmorphia and does not ever see herself really the way other people see her. She also noted that accepting herself as beautiful was something she has always struggled with, and it was a never-ending process.

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Megan Fox also explained that she would like people to notice her aura when they first meet her, rather than focusing on her physical appearance. She said that she wished everyone would notice her aura, because she has a rainbow aura, and it was special. Despite her lack of confidence, she insisted last summer that she would have been naked everywhere in 2009 if it had not been for bosses of the family friendly Transformers film franchise banning her from stripping off. According to the Evening Standard, she told that peak fame for her was in 2009. It was during the second Transformers press tour, when she would have been naked everywhere back then, but that was not something that was allowed.

Her Reclaiming Place in Hollywood

Her Reclaiming Place in Hollywood
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Megan Fox has starred in everything from Transformers to Jennifer's Body to Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen. However, she was not immune from the criticism of the industry, which led her to take a step back from the Hollywood spotlight for nearly a decade. According to InStyle, she opened up about how the intense media scrutiny led her to reevaluate her career. In 2009, she was fired from the Transformers franchise after comparing director Michael Bay to Adolf Hitler.

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By that point in Megan Fox’ career, the damage was already done. She shared that she had to armor up so much inside herself and she had to be so tough to have to process this really crazy-heavy price for what she thought was doing the right thing. She also explained that she made a decision to protect herself, which led to being closed off from the world. Only recently has she come to terms with the unfair standards put on her, which helped her enter this brand-new phase of her career and life. All the drama and hate has only caused her to grow stronger, and she was using it all as fuel for the next chapter of her life. So expect to see her face back on the big screen a lot more.