Pete Wentz: The Evolution Of A Rock Star
(Pete Wentz: The Evolution Of A Rock Star/Image Credits:Stereogum)

Peter Lewis Kingston Wentz III was born on June 5, 1979 in Wilmette, Illinois which is an affluent suburb of Chicago. His parents are Dale and Pete Wentz II. Wentz is of English and German descent on his father's side and Afro-Jamaican descent on his mother's side. He has a younger sister, Hillary, and a younger brother, Andrew.

His parents met during the 1970s campaigning for Joe Biden's senatorial run. Wentz recalled in a Rolling Stone interview that his earliest musical memory was listening to The Foundations' song "Build Me Up Buttercup" in the back of his father's car. He was attended North Shore Country day school, where he has prominently showed his soccer skills but later on shifted his career to music as he found it more fulfilling. During his first year of high school, he began skipping school regularly and started smoking with friends, but later quit as it was affecting his grades at school. After graduating from high school in 1997, he attended DePaul University, where he studied political science but dropped out to focus on Fall Out Boy.

Pete Wentz: The Evolution Of A Rock Star
(Pete Wentz: The Evolution Of A Rock Star/Image Credits:♫ WILD 94.9 | SF Bay's #1 Hit Music Station)

Wentz was primarily involved in the Chicago hardcore punk and was in several bands in the late 1990s he formed his first band. Wentz formed the metal core band Novena which was later renamed to Arma Angelus. Around this time, Wentz also played in Birthright, Extinction and Yellow Road Priest. His journey towards fame began when he founded Fall Out Boy in the early 2000s with his friend Patrick stump. The two friends made their debut album Take this to your grave which was released in 2003. After which they released their most iconic song From Under the Cork Tree in the year 2005, the same year that made them successful. The band’s performance and Wentz charming looks helped to pave their way.

Pete Wentz not only gained name in the music industry but he also explored in the world of entrepreneurship by founding DCD2 Records where he supported emerging artists by giving them a platform to share their music and their skills with the world. In 2006, he stepped into the world of fashion and started his own clothing line, Clandestine Industries where he could make unique clothing and his fans would follow him. Looking at how successful his career is, it is hard to believe that he has faced a lot of difficulties and gone through various highs and lows but he made sure to deal with them with grace and endurance, which is why he is loved by his fans. His creativity has always been a major reason to inspire not only his fans but other artists as well, as he provides them the platform to perform, rise and shine without getting any personal benefit from it.