Peter Facinelli's Untold Secrets: Scandals, Romances, And Behind-The-Scenes Drama Revealed!
(Peter Facinelli's Untold Secrets: Scandals, Romances, And Behind-The-Scenes Drama Revealed!/ Image Credits:Variety)

Peter Facinelli best known for his role in the Twilight franchise has captured  the hearts of many fans with his exceptional acting, talent, and handsomeness.The Hollywood star has spent over 27 years of his life working as an actor staring in big hit movies like the Twilight franchise, Nurse Jackie and and Can't Hardly Wait.Continue reading to find out more about the 48-year-old actor’s life in front of the camera, behind the scenes and even his new love interest. 

Facinelli didn't want to feature in the Twlight franchise

You can’t talk of the Twilight franchise without mentioning the hot doctor Cullen. But what you don’t know is that, Peter when first approached to play the role gave a big No. He explained in an interview with Mr Warburton Magazine that his big break nearly didn't happen recalling; When my agents first approached me, they asked me if I wanted to do a vampire film. I said, no.  

The way they pitched it, he continued, it sounded like a bad Horror Film. But after I read the book, I was desperate to be a part of it. I thought it was so well done. It was this beautiful love story with the vampire world as a mystical backdrop.And luckily for Peter, the role turned out to be a massive game changer for his career as he took part in the whole five seasons of the franchise which grossed $3.346 billion dollars total.The International success of that film opened up a bigger worldwide fan-base for me, which I am very appreciative of, Peter said. Every actor hopes that they are part of a film that has a worldwide appeal.

He lost connection with his kids during filming 

He lost connection with his kids during filming 
(He lost connection with his kids during filming / Image Credits:Daily Mail)

While Dr Cullen played by Peter was pretty much the kind of father anyone could wish for, in reality, he became a poor parent as he lost connection to his real children during filming.According to the star, working on Twilight while simultaneously starring as Dr. Cooper on the Edie Falco series Nurse Jackie was both a wonderful experience and a difficult one for he and his family as he had to spend lesser time with his children.Speaking about the effect his filming days had on his kids, Peter stated  To have two TV series where I was working with incredible actors, like Edie Falco, was so incredible for me at that time. I was literally filming both at once, 

I would fly to Vancouver and shoot the sequels, then fly to New York to play Dr Cooper. Both roles were so different, and I loved having two jobs at a time. However, my kids were growing up right before me, and I thought to myself, who am I doing all this for? My kids will be grown up one day, and I'll have missed their childhood.After that realization, the actor took roles closer to home and turned his focus back on his family and said he tries to live in the moment these days.  

He is Divorced and Has a Child with his Fiancé

Peter is big on romance hence was definitely heartbroken after he divorced his now ex wife Jennie Garth who he was married to from 2001-2013 and they share daughters Luca Bella Facinelli, 24,  Lola Ray Facinelli, 19, and Fiona Eve Facinelli, 15.Peter said that he is looking forward to getting married before considering more children and that he is open to where his life and career are headed. And he has fulfilled his promise by getting engaged to his girlfriend actress Lily Anne Harrison in 2020, whom he currently shares a beautiful baby with.