Jennifer Jason Leigh Is Currently One Of The Most Iconic Female Actor In Hollywood

Jennifer Jason Leigh is currently one of the most iconic female actor in Hollywood
(Jennifer Jason Leigh is currently one of the most iconic female actor in Hollywood/Image Credits:The Guardian)

Over the years, she has given countless performances that are utterly stunning in films like Fast Times at Ridgemont High, The Hitcher, The Big Picture, Rush, Single White Female, and many others. And as of late, Jennifer has grown to be one of the most versatile and talented actors, especially with her latest role in the final season of Hunters But what you probably don’t know is that, before taking on this role, Jennifer was scared of not being able to pull off a good performance. The actress made this shocking revelation in an interview with JoBio. Speaking with the interviewer about how she felt about being part of Hunter series and her reaction when she read that first scene.

I Was Scared!; Jennifer Jason Leigh's Shocking Interview Confession Breaks The Internet!
(I Was Scared!; Jennifer Jason Leigh's Shocking Interview Confession Breaks The Internet!/Image Credits:Lebeau's Le Blog)

Jennifer responded; “Yeah, the first scene is crazy, right? I mean, it was like, oh my God, do I have the courage to even do this? But I talked to David on the phone, and there’s something about, like his kindness, and his passion, and where this comes from for him, where this whole creative process comes from. There’s just no way that you can let your fear of the unknown, or the fear of, I mean, this is a completely different kind of role for me, a big challenge for me. But there’s something about just his belief and his passion that made me feel safe, and then all the actors on the show are also giving and generous and kind and fun. So it was really a great experience.”

Going forward, the interviewer also asked how well she’s dealing with portraying her character in the movie who is technically a killer and if getting into the action was hard for her.“I don’t think, yes, she definitely is a killer, and she definitely is on a mission”. Jennifer responded. Adding “She’s threading a needle, you know, Apfelbaum is someone who just knows exactly what they need to do and has cut out a lot of anything that might get in the way of that, been able to compartmentalize her life to such a degree that she only knows what she needs to. It’s a means to an end, and normal sort of men things just don’t come into it because it’s so much bigger than her.” Speaking on the difficulty and time dedicated to research in other to pull off her role in the movie, Jennifer Leigh thanked David Well for being a helpful guardian.

The Actress Stated

 “It is actually difficult. But David Weil was really helpful. He sent me recordings his grandmother had made and a letter she had written, and of course, I watched Shoah again. And they printed Shoah as a book so that you can read all of the interviews and everything, and it’s so upsetting. It’s just horrifying, you know, and there were other documentaries I could watch.”


(Interviewer/Image Credits:Gala)

 Now, it’s nice to see you on a weekly series. Do you feel that gives you more to work with? As opposed to doing a feature? I’d gather you’d really get more time with the character.

Jennifer Responds

I love it. I mean, I love watching long-form. And I love acting in it. And the fun thing that happens with long-form, because you only see maybe two or three episodes before you sign on, so like you don’t really know what’s going to happen. It makes you so excited to read every episode, and you’re just informed in a way that you don’t know what’s going to happen to you tomorrow or what’s going to happen to your family in that world. And so you have to sort of, it keeps everything very, very alive and not too sort of pre-worked out or, you know, it’s just as an actor it’s a very exciting medium.

Lastly, speaking on her time spent on set, the actress noted that although it was hard at first, as this was a whole new experience for her, at the end it was fun as both the directors and the people on the show were very nice and helpful to her.