Miles Morales And Peter Parker Pack An Emotional Punch In Marvel's Spider-Man 2
(Miles Morales And Peter Parker Pack An Emotional Punch In Marvel's Spider-Man 2 /Image Credits:

If you thought the 2018 PlayStation 4 game was good, then you're in for double that fun as the PlayStation exclusive features two Spider-Men, Miles Morales and Peter Parker, each having amazing abilities.Asides their mind blowing powers, the game also features very human moments that makes the story really shine.

Remember in the 2018 PlayStation 4 game, Peter fought off members of the Sinister Six while trying to maintain his relationship with Mary Jane. The story came to its high point when Aunt May got killed by Otto Octavius. Miles Morales also lost his father in the events of that game, but later headlined a smaller follow-up title, where he saved the city from the corrupt tech corporation Roxxon Energy. 

Now, in this PlayStation’s exclusive Marvel's Spider-Man 2, you have the opportunity to alternate between both heroes with just the press of a button. 

The story follows Peter who is trying to hold down a new teaching job at Miles high school, while Miles has his hands full with college applications. You'll get to watch these two heroes navigate their intersecting civilian lives while working together to protect the city. 

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Personal Moments To Watch Out For

Like I earlier said, the storyline of this exclusive spider man game features a lot of human moments that will definitely hit a soft spot in your heart. One of such personal moments is when a side quest has Miles helping his mom, Rio Morales, open a Harlem community center dedicated to preserving the works of real-world writers, musicians, and artists.

Like many of the game's quests, the central premise transforms what you'd think superhero work typically looks like. After saving stolen artifacts for the museum, Miles remembers his dead father through his connection to jazz. "My dad really loved Charlie Parker... I guess I need to start listening closer to my playlist now," he muses. These reflective deepen not only the game's stand-out side content, but also its larger plot.

The Bad Guy Who Is Not So Bad

The Bad Guy Who is Not So Bad
( The Bad Guy Who is Not So Bad /Image Credits: Brick Fanatics)

The game starts with a huge fight against a super-sized Marko Flint, known as Sandman, as he towers above Midtown. To take down this villain you swap between both Miles and Peter to stop his rage as he blasts apart whole city blocks in anger. 

But after defeating him, Miles and Peter learn that Marko's is being haunted by memories of his daughter. You'll literally collect these scattered memories across random alleys or atop skyscrapers in the heart of the city. Each piece of memory found brings Marko's humanity back together, with sound clips illustrating the pain he's endured over the years. 

Meanwhile, the game still features classic nemesis Kraven who brings mercenaries to the city to seek out previously-captured villains. Peter and Miles team up to foil Kraven's plans, while also trying to help their former adversary find redemption. 

However, the main villain in the story is Venom. And you have to complete about 31 main story missions before you finally face off with him. Hopefully by that time you're strong enough to navigate your heroes.

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Suiting Up

Both Peter and Miles retain their own unique way of swinging and flipping through the city, complete with a collectible wardrobe of suits that sent many reviewers to the game's photo mode for hours.

The new Web Wings also add a lot of flare to the game. At any airborne moment, you can press the triangle button to start soaring, building even more momentum with webbing that stretches between your arms. With newly added rooftop launch points and wind tunnels across the city, flying is so in. 

The new advanced suit in the game expands your diverse arsenal and amplifies your moves through a new Symbiote Surge. The meter of the surge fills when you're beating up bad guys and using abilities like Peter's new Venom Strike, which looks like an homage to Venom's special move in the arcade classic Marvel vs. Capcom 2.  When the meter is finally full, the player flies into a fit of massive haymakers and powerful uppercuts that sees the symbiote lunge from Peter's body and into the faces of his enemies.

With enough thrill and a deep story line to keep you busy for the next few weeks, this exclusive Marvel's Spider-Man 2 takes the gaming world to new heights and somehow makes New York big enough for the two web-slingers to inhabit it. 

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