Who is Shannon Elizabeth?

Who is Shannon Elizabeth?
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Shannon Elizabeth is an American model and actress, well-known for her comedy films such as American Pie and  Jay and Silent Bob Strike Lower Back. She also did amazing work in horror movies such as Jack Frost, Night of the Demons, and Cursed. She ran a nonprofit animal rescue agency, Animal Avengers, dedicated to rescuing and locating homeless pets. And she's relatively active in the subject of charity.
The actress uses her social media accounts, especially her Instagram to talk about animals. Apart from this, she is also an enthusiastic poker player as she described poker as her second career choice. She is one of the leading celebrity poker players. Not only this, this vegan actress is also very skilled in all types of dances including chairs, tap, and ballet.

Early Life

Shannon Elizabeth was born on 7th September 1973 in Texas. She is the daughter of a Syrian/Lebanese father and an English mother. When Shannon was in grade 3, her family moved to Texas to be close to their relatives.
The identity of her parents was never revealed. In the beginning, her family used to struggle financially, but her parents tried to provide everything vital to her needs. Shannon never asked for new toys or pricey games, so most of her most of family's money was spent on costumes and dancing lessons for better possibilities in the future.
During high school, she was also very interested in tennis and even considered going pro in her life. After graduation, Shannon moved to New York City to model. And with this new-found career, she got the chance to travel all over the world. After moving to Los Angeles years later, she signed on with Ford Models and eventually, Elite. Shannon always wanted to start her acting career and used her modeling to create a path for her acting. Within a year, she started taking acting classes and got herself an agent who helped her land the iconic role of Nadia in the movie American Pie.

Working on Various Social Causes

Working on Various Social Causes
(Working on Various Social Causes Image Credits: Lebanese Examiner)

She married well-known actor, Joseph D. Reitman, in 2002. But the couple divorced in 2005. Afterward, she dated the Dancing with the celeb companion for a year. As of now, she doesn't have any children. At the start of the 2000s, she co-founded an non-profit animal rescue organization with her then-husband. The organization is dedicated to rescuing homeless pad, treating and rehabilitating them, and finding them their new home.
Shannon was 26 when she got her role of Nadia in American Pie. She recently turned 50 on September 7, but she still looked as young as her she was looking when she was playing the role of Nadia.
In recent years, Shannon with more than 468,000 followers on Instagram has been working as an active conversionist. Often she shared her day-to-day life, her passionate vegan posts, and her love for animals and nature around the world. Currently, she is promoting the Maui Humane Society.