Shocking Facts About Lady Gaga That Will Blow Your Mind
( Shocking Facts About Lady Gaga That Will Blow Your Mind /ImageCredits: )

If you have at one point been on social media then you've probably heard of Lady Gaga except you've been living under a rock for the past decade.

That's how iconic she is.However, like every other celebrity, Lady Gaga has some surprising truths about her that will blow your mind!

1. Her Real Name Is Not Lady Gaga

Her Real Name Is Not Lady Gaga
( Harry Styles is secretly Her real name is not Lady GaGa/ImageCredits: Fox News)

I know many of her fans already know lady gaga was not her real name, but only very few people know her real name.

The birth name of the iconic singer is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta. She was named after her aunt who died before her birth.

Her name was also what inspired the title and essence of her fifth album, "Joanne," which was released in 2016.

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2. Her Stage Name Was Gotten Through A Typo

Her Stage Name Was Gotten Through A Typo
( Her stage name was gotten through atypo)/ImageCredits:GoodHousekeeping)

Hearing the name lady gaga, you must have thought that it came from some sought of muse like inspiration, shockingly it was just a typo turned blessing.

In 2010, Lady gaga told Flybe Magazine that her former producer and boyfriend Rob Fusari was the first person who called her Gaga, and that was when she came up with her stage name, as per Insider.

After a very traumatic breakup– romantically and professionally – Fusari claimed that the name came about when he texted "Radio Gaga" to his now ex girlfriend and it autocorrected to "Lady Gaga," which prompted Gaga to take on the name.

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3. Lady Gaga Was Born With A Passion For Music

Lady Gaga Was Born With A Passion For Music
( Lady gaga was born with a passion for music/

At just 4 years old, gaga began learning how to play the piano. Her mother made her play the piano daily, and the star-to-be taught herself.

Then by fate, legendary vocal coach Don Lawrence's nephew heard Gaga singing in a store at just 13 years old and connected the two. Lawrence was a coach to stars like Christina Aguilera and

Alicia Keys. While Lawrence was didn't want to take the young singer on, he gave her a chance. Gaga has been training under him ever since.

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4. She Began Acting At The Age Of 15

She Began Acting At The Age Of 15
( She began acting at the age of 15 /ImageCredits:Europa FM)

You may think that Lady Gaga’s first acting role came when she starred in American Horror story but that's not true. The singer already made her acting debut in Hollywood long before then.

Her first appearance on the big screen was in an episode of the Sopranos at age 15 where she played "Girl at Swimming Pool #2" in a season three episode of "The Sopranos." 

In 2021, she told Entertainment Weekly of the experience, "I didn't know how to listen in a scene. I was supposed to laugh ... I see it and I go, 'oh, that's not a real laugh,'" 

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5. Lady Gaga Is A College Dropout

Lady Gaga Is A College Dropout
( Lady gaga is a college dropout /ImageCredits:Nicki Swift))

Shocking right! Like most young people, Lady gaga was not fond of school.

She was admitted into NYU Tisch school as a rare early acceptance student but quickly dropped out of the school at the age of 19.

Speaking about the reason she dropped out from school with Elle in 2009, Lady gaga stated "I loved NYU, but I thought I could teach myself about art better than the school could,"

After dropping out, she moved back to her parents' house.

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6. She Was Once A Stripper

She Was Once A Stripper
( She was once a stripper /ImageCredits:Koimoi)

After moving back home from school, to support herself, Lady gaga worked as a waitress in an Upper East Side diner and a stripper in the Lower East Side.

When she stripped, she was part of the duo "Lady Gaga and the Starlight Revue," where they performed '70s and '80s cover songs. "I'd wear black leather and dance to Black Sabbath, Guns N' Roses, and Faith No More. Very rock 'n' roll," she told News of the World's Fabulous magazine.

7. She Dyed Her Hair Blonde To Prevent People From Calling Her Amy Winehouse

She Dyed Her Hair Blonde To Prevent People From Calling Her Amy Winehouse
( She dyed her hair blonde to prevent people from calling her Amy Winehouse /ImageCredits:Attitude)

If you put a picture of Lady gaga and Amy Winehouse together I bet you won't be able to tell them apart especially if both of them had their hair colored and styled the same way.

And that was the main issue as Lady gaga was originally a brunette which was the same with Amy Winehouse hence why she was constantly mistaken for Amy.

According to gaga, even before she made a name for herself she had to always try and cover her face because people frequently spotted her and called her Amy. While she was honored, this pushed her to dye her hair and create a signature look.

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