Travis Kelce And Taylor Swift; Who Made The First Move In Their Relationship!
(Travis Kelce And Taylor Swift; Who Made The First Move In Their Relationship!/ Image Credits: Cosmopolitan)

At the moment, one of the most well-liked couples in the world is Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift. The majority of Travis and Taylor's supporters believe that they are a power couple that is ideal for one another.

Taylor Swift's First Romance!

Taylor Swift's First Romance!
(Taylor Swift's First Romance!/ Image Credits: Yahoo,Glamour)

A source claims that Taylor Swift initiated the initial move in their now-happy relationship. But the only reason she was able to move forward was because Travis Kelce first showed a great deal of interest. In the July episode of the New Heights podcast, Travis Kelce talked about how he attempted to give Taylor Swift a friendship band at her concert by hiding his phone number within. His revelation went viral even though he didn't give her the friendship bracelet. 

According to a source, Taylor Swift thought it was sweet when she learned about Travis Kelce's unsuccessful effort. Taylor approached Travis Kelce after that, and they ended up going on a date in New York City. Taylor Swift had been somewhat reassured by Travis, which made the date conceivable.

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The insider source claims that Travis made a touching admission that completely altered the course of events. 'Travis's revelation to Taylor altered the course of events completely. The insider revealed how the initial date came about, saying, 'He informed her that this wasn't going to be simply a fling.

The world is aware of the rest of the narrative. It's intriguing, though, that even though everyone claims Taylor Swift initiated contact, Travis Kelce's attendance at her Kansas City event was necessary for it to happen. So to speak, he was the pioneer in this regard.

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