Yasmine Bleeth: Where Is She Now In 2023?
(Yasmine Bleeth: Where Is She Now In 2023? Image Credits: The US Sun, Pinterest)

When you think of Baywatch your mind probably brings up an image of Pamela Anderson and David Hasselhoff sprinting on the beach in slow motion while wearing bright red swimsuit. However, asides from from the two, many of the cast of the popular series were a household name in the 1990s.

For instance, Yasmine Bleeth was just as popular as Anderson and Hasselhoff. In 1995,  many fans named her one of the 50 Most Beautiful People, and from 1996 to 2003, she frequently appeared on FHM’s Sexiest Women lists. 

The actress was popular for her role as the lifeguard on Baywatch, and also had a small role in Ryan’s Hope and Nash Bridges, two other films and TV shows. Sadly, tragedy soon entered Bleeth’s life, forcing her to choose obscurity above fame and money.

If you followed Bleeth’s career then you’re surely aware that she had a long battle with drug addiction towards the end of her career. But in actuality, it was her ongoing drug usage that caused her to be fired from the venerable show. 

Screenwriter Douglas Schwartz made this known in March 2012, while speaking to Esquire saying We had one issue with Yasmine Bleeth, who was doing drugs at the time, and we were dealing with Yasmine not turning up. That’s why we let Yasmine leave the show; after a while, dealing with her became too challenging. She seems to vanish from the face of the world after 2003. But it appears that her retirement was the cause.

Where is Yasmine Beth now?

Where is Yasmine Beth now?
(Where is Yasmine Beth now? Image Credits: Daily Mail)

According to Entertainment Weekly, Yasmine Bleeth after a long run with drug abuse finally made the decision to seek help and checked into Promises, a rehab centre that is no longer in operation. 

In a 2003 column for Glamour, she said that it was there that she met her husband, Paul Cerrito, who served as the primary motivator behind her choice to become and maintain a sober lifestyle. They advise against entering a relationship during your first year of sobriety. What, then, can I say? We fell in love right away She wrote. And it’s thanks to him that I’m sober today. Up until I found love, nothing could make me feel as amazing as cocaine. I now feel better with Paul than I did when I was doing cocaine  (via Baywatch Luver Proboard).

After getting married to Cerrito in 2002, Bleeth disappeared from the lime light and have not been active in the performing world; it is unknown if this was a conscious decision. Her final acting role, according to IMDb, was in the straight-to-TV movie Baywatch: Hawaiian Wedding, which wasn’t exactly a fan favourite due to its poor quality.

But it’s probably for the best in the end. While it’s still difficult for Bleeth to stay away from narcotics, she reconnected with the things that make her happy, according to her Glamour piece. She wrote, I’m enjoying the little things again: socialising, sleeping in, and cuddling under a huge down cover.

Will Yasmine Bleeth return to acting?

Yasmine Bleeth has now spent a lot more time outside of Hollywood than inside of it. She doesn’t frequently appear in the news these days, in contrast to her co-stars, and it doesn’t appear that she will stage a major comeback anytime soon. She does have one performance credit in 2021 for the independent film Whack the Don, but no more details regarding the project have come to light.

Although she has not been acting for a while now, according to Micheal Berk the screenwriter of Baywatch, the actress is doing well and supporting herself through the investment she made during her years of fame.

While many fans are still interested in getting to know more about the actress, it seems that she has decided to enjoy her low key life for as long as possible.