Sophia Bush - The Only Child

Sophia Bush - The Only Child
(Sophia Bush - The Only Child/ Image Credits: WUSA9)

In 1982 a star was born to a couple in California. The only child to the family was welcomed with open arms and a happy heart. Both the parents had a creative instinct and were pursuing careers in different mediums of art.

The mother Maureen was running a photography studio while the father William was displaying his skills in the field of advertising along with beauty photography. Though the parenting of this only child was done by the artist yet the kid held sports very close to her heart. She had this desire of showcasing her volleyball talent to the world.

Yet a turning point has to be witnessed in the life of the upcoming star. She was forced by the school to opt to perform in the play rather than playing Volleyball at that specific point of time. Right after her forced performance on the stage she was overwhelmed by the response and appreciation she embraced from the audience. For the very first time she has gone through self-realization which introduced a potential actress in her.

The Game Changed

This was a new start for Sophia. A brand new entity was seen holding high her spirits to conquer a huge world of Entertainment. Bringing in the determination, the motivation and the hunger of fame she appeared on multiple mediums: be it theater, television, modeling, music videos or films. Multiple genres were explored and later played by her, proving herself a versatile addition to the fraternity. The artist has tried his luck with producing and directing the projects and undoubtedly earned acknowledgement and recognition.

Her genetically gifted talent has done wonders for her, paving a tremendous success path to her career. The reflection to this comes along with the winning of multiple awards such as: Teen Choice Awards, Vail Film Festival, VH1 Do Something Awards and Nelson Mandela Change Maker Award.

Ashlyn Harris - Game Is ON

Ashlyn Harris - Game Is ON
(Ashlyn Harris - Game Is ON/ Image Credits: Pro Soccer Wire)

Florida welcomes a child bringing along sheer passion and craziness for the game in 1985. Ashlyn was a lucky star who got the chance to grow up with her elder brother Chris. She was influenced by her brother and his friends. The inspiration to go skating and surfing was strong and was followed religiously. This attitude towards games brought her to the soccer fields where she was playing for the clubs Palm Bay Rangers and South Brevard United. In 2003 she was declared to be the winner of the State Championship playing in the U-17 team. Since then there was no looking back for the star.

The journey of making the debut for a national soccer game is long and a roller coaster ride. Though the talent and skill was intact foe the player, she has to show a lot of determination, motivation and will power to sail against the flow to achieve her goals.

She has been tested on every level before she won the battle. The school soccer team promoted her to the club level. But it never proved to be a bed of roses. She has to depict the qualities of a fighter while playing for different clubs: Pali Blues, Washington Freedom, Western New York Flash and Saint Louis Athletica before being recognized as a valuable addition to the game.

In 2006 she was on board for the game to be played on the national level. She is now a part of the U-19 women team and has the stage set to display her mesmerizing skills with the ball.

The debut match was played in 2013 for the senior cocker team and further being the member of winning team: FIFA women’s world cup 2015 Canada and FIFA women’s world cup 2019 France.

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The Two Stars Shining Together

The two stars shining together
(The Two Stars Shining Together/ Image Credits: Extra TV)

The talk of the town is the meet up of Sophia and Ashlyn on a dinner date a couple of weeks ago. This event is an outcome of the flavor missing in the life of both the stars. Though the two entities once decided to settle with their chosen partners, the emotional content and satisfaction was always being missed.

Sophia and Ashlyn have been friends since quite a long period of time and witnessed various social events together cherishing the happy moments. Who could better be in a position to analyze what they lack and how they can feel themselves over the moon together.

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