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One of the best Tv shows to watch with your friends is an American television sitcom Friends. Even though this show was aired back in 1994, its popularity just kept increasing overtime. Everyone knows what Friends is, from Gen X to millennials to Gen Z. The sitcom lasted ten seasons and ended in 2004. With an exceptional cast of well renowned actors, the show explores six storylines of six friends who navigate life in their twenties and thirties who live in Manhattan, New York city. Jennifer Aniston plays Rachel Green, Coutrney Cox Monica Geller, Lisa Kudrow Phoebe Buffay, Mathew Perry Chandler Bing, Matt Leblanc Joey Tribiani and David Schimmer plays Ross Geller. 

Brooklyn Nine Nine:

Brooklyn Nine nine
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American Comedy series Brooklyn Nine Nine is a sitcom with 20 minute episodes that aired from 2013 to 2021. The series first aired on Fox then later on NBC. Created by Dan Goor and Micheal Schur, the plot revolves around Detective Jake Peralta, Captain Raymond Holt with other colleagues in the 99th precinct of the new york city police department in Brooklyn. If you don't like laugh tracks in the background this show is perfect for you, the strong story line comes up with a new theft or murder mystery in each episode while simultaneously showing each character’s own story line, professional and personal life. It stars Andy Samberg. Melissa Fumero, Stephanie Beatriz, Chelsea Peretti, Terry Crews, Andre Braughter and Joe Trugilo.

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This Is Us:

This Is Us
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This is Us is a Tv show that explores genres such as family drama, romance and tragedy. It's a heartfelt and emotional journey of three triplets through different decades or timelines, their struggles, family relationship and their wonderful parents. Its first season aired on NBC back in 2016 and the last and final season in 2022. This is Us cast features Milo Ventimiglia, Mandy Moore, Sterling K. Brown, Chrissy Metz, Justin Hartley, Susan Kelechi Watson, Chris Sullivan, Ron Cephas Jones and Jon Huertas. The series does a phenomenal job with dealing with flashbacks, flash forwards combined with amazing storyline and acting. It first starts off as a story about a couple in 1980 who have troubling childhood history with their blood relatives and wish to give a happy healthy family with love to their newly born triplets. Unfortunately, only two of their kids survive. The couple Jack and Rebecca decide to adopt another kid, Randall who was left by his father at the train station the very same day. However Jack dies very early on, the three triplets navigate their life as teenagers and adults. 

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