Legends and Events

This game carries a long journey full of legend making moments, happening incidents, fabulous events and huge controversies. These all happenings raises this to a next level of game and the entertainment industry always looks up to this game for treating the audience and gaining the revenues. Multiple movies are showcased revealing the true stories from this huge football family, always bringing appreciation and acknowledgement from the audience.

Remember the Titans

The film released in 2000 presented the real illustration of the events taking place regarding the game. Denzel Washington along with iconic stars and the best story line depicting the tension between the black and white players handled and sorted makes it an all time classic.


The real life of Rudy Ruettiger was brought to display on the big screen for the audience in 1993. Sean Astin played as a struggling athlete who has always carried the dream of playing for the Fighting Irish but never considered to be one due to his undersized body structure. This fight in the rough tide and then being successful to sail with the flow makes this movie one of the classics.


The year 2011 brings on board a big scandal regarding CTE – Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy disease to be associated with multiple players. This was news in evening headlines released by the NFL. Later in 2015 the film industry felt the need to highlight this issue and Concussion was released. Though the response was quite a mix, at least the issue was acknowledged on a huge platform and it really supported the players and their health.

American Underdog

Yet another biopic came for a display in 2021 and gathered a lot of fame and generated huge revenues for the industry. This time it was Kurt Warner whose real life struggles and motivation to achieve his goals was depicted in the movie. Zachari Levi lived this character so real throughout the film that audience connected immensely close to the story told. The boy at the grocery store keeping check on the stocks emerges as one of the best players – the key to this success was motivation, commitment, consistency and self-confidence.

We are Marshall

A real incident of a plane crash in 2006 which took away the team and the coaching staff of Marshall University ending up into a disaster for the families losing the dear ones and bringing down the university as well. Mathew played as a man who was determined to lead the formation of a new team and not only coaching the players but bringing positivity and courage in their personalities to overcome the aftershocks of the unfortunate incident.

The Express: The Ernie Davis Story

This story revolves around Syracuse University - Ernie Davis, the real time hero going through a tough track of life where being a black brings unwanted struggles to one’s life. The hard work and consistent performances in the team eventually paid off and he won the most prestigious award of the university “Heisman Trophy”. Though the storyline was not much appreciated at that time but later it was much acknowledged and appreciated on different platforms.

The Invincible

Vince Papale paving the success path as a common citizen, ending up playing for the hometown team “The Eagles”. His journey leaves so many marks of self-motivation, determination, hard work, passion and consistency for others to be inspired. Mark Wahlberg played his character so well and full of energy that the movie was a big bang on the charts. This movie narrates a true story of a true achiever being honest to his desires.


“Someone to Lean On” is a sports illustrated article published in 1996 that writes about the traits of acceptance and tolerance in every individual from any medium of life. It specially focuses the players to inculcate these characteristics in their personality as well as in game. In 2003 this illustration was presented to the audience in a movie “Radio” and the point was well taken after the release on the big screen. The storyline involves the neighborhood and the coach practicing the same in a very interesting manner.

These all picks are based on the real time events taking place at various periods in the football history. Most of them hitting the top and a couple of them even if not bringing a big success to the makers but the issue depicted in the film was always acknowledged and taken in notice.