16 October – Sold-Out Show 
( 16 October – Sold-Out Show /ImageCredits:NY Post)

16 October – Sold-out Show 

On 16 Oct 2023, Adam Lambert performed alongside Queen, the band. The show was completely sold out, with fans going wild about the band and the vocalist going crazy all around.  After the passing of Freddie Mercury, many singers played alongside Queen’s Brian May and Roger Taylor, but of course, nobody could replace the legend. Since his death, it has always been Queen, the band plus a singer. Adam Lambert has been playing with Queen’s Brian May and Roger Taylor since the year 2011. He was chosen to play with Queen after his performance on American Idol, where he sang ‘Bohemian Rhapsody.’ 

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Queen + Adam Lambert 

Queen + Adam Lambert 
( Queen + Adam Lambert /ImageCredits:AZCentral)

Adam Lambert has been playing the part of the frontman and has made the performances worth attending for the fans. This is because his presence on stage is full of life and fun even while he plays the late Freddie Mercury’s song. His humor doesn’t die when he is on stage. Instead, he stays his true self even in front of the camera and makes sure to keep the crowd engaged. 

When Adam got on the stage, he was seen wearing high boots that were very shiny and a cap. Talking about his clothes, he changed them too many times during his performances; some of them were also completely sequined. He sang ‘Killer Queen’ while pretending to do makeup in front of the camera, and the fans found it really funny and cute.  His nature full of humility is what the fans adore. Throughout the performances, he paid tons of respect to May and Taylor. He pointed towards them during his performances and even danced while they performed their solos, keeping everybody engaged.  While speaking to the crowd, he admitted that it was an honor for him to perform with the Queen and that all of them constantly had Mercury on their minds. What is best about Adam Lambert is that he has never really tried to take the spot that Freddie Mercury had; instead, he just adds his own style to everything he does, and people respect that.

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May Brian And Roger Taylor

May Brian and Roger Taylor
( May Brian and Roger Taylor /ImageCredits: QueenOnline.com - News)

But it's surely not that Adam keeps the spotlight to himself while performing with Queen. The rock n roll legends Brian May and Roger Taylor get equal importance because, of course, Queen’s existence till now is only because of them. Brian May played the acoustic version of ‘Love of My Life.’ The fans responded by holding their phones with flashlights on high up in the air and singing along. Meanwhile, Roger Taylor played ‘Under Pressure’ by David Bowie. 

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A Tribute To Mercury Freddie

A Tribute To Mercury Freddie
( A Tribute To Mercury Freddie /ImageCredits:YouTube)

The Rhapsody Tour also paid a huge tribute to the former vocalist of the brand, Freddie Mercury, who is no more. But it was not something dull or a light performance. Instead, it was lovely to keep his songs alive forever!  The sold-out show was definitely worth attending since the performances were outstanding.  Brian May’s guitar and Adam Lambert’s high notes made a great combination and were loved by everyone! While singing, ‘Bicycle Race,’ Adam came out from the stage sitting on a rotating motorcycle while May rose above the crowd slowly and gradually.  After performing for two straight years, the show ended quite emotionally. After playing multiple songs including, ‘Hammer to Fall’, ‘I want it all’, ‘Don’t stop me now’, ‘Somebody to Love’, and many more. But the last song they sang and played was ‘Bohemian Rhapsody.’ After the performance, they came down from the stage.  Then, an old video of Freddie Mercury was played and the fans rejoiced. Everybody was happy and sang along with Freddie Mercury in the video. The song was ‘Ay-Oh’, an iconic song.  It was a way of paying tribute to the memories of Freddie Mercury and to keep them alive.  Now, even though 53 years have passed, nobody has or wants to forget Freddie Mercury because he has a place in all his fan's hearts. His place can never be taken by any other singer so, it's always Queen plus someone. Nobody can take Mercury’s place in the band.  Adam Lambert is loved and respected by everyone because he is his own self and he never tries to replace Mercury. This is what Brian wrote about him in his book, ‘Queen in 3-D’, “Roger and I have seen literally thousands of singers in our lifetimes…but we’ve never seen or heard anything like Adam.” 

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