Candies, Scary Movies, Hilarious Costumes… Halloween Season Is Here!
( Candies, Scary Movies, Hilarious Costumes… Halloween Season Is Here!!/ImageCredits:

Halloween is that night of the year when everyone dresses up whatever they want to wear whether it's socially acceptable or not. For Halloween, it is to go big or sit at home. Celebrities also dress up; some try to impress their fans while some go an extra mile and in doing so make some bizarre choices.  Let’s have a look at the most bizarre Halloween dresses worn by the celebrities and were talk of the town:    

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Julianne Hough – Crazy Eyes

Julianne Hough – Crazy eyes
( Julianne Hough – Crazy eyes/ImageCredits: ABC News)

Julianne thought about this look as the best Halloween look of the Halloween but the truth is it was a disaster on so many levels. She wore black makeup, tied her hair in some twisted knots and dressed up as an orange. Her fans did not approve of her look and said that was the most stupid costume one can wear on Halloween. According to Julianne, she copied herself as one of her television series characters ‘Crazy Eyes’, but her fans commented that she was really looking crazy.

Kristin Stewart – Plastic Mask

Kristin Stewart – Plastic mask
( Kristin Stewart – Plastic mask/ImageCredits: Etsy)

Kristin, who is already famous for her resting bitch face, did not disappoint the audience with her ordinary plastic face look. With her creepy looks and a plastic face mask she attended the Halloween party with her Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson. Both of them were wearing just ordinary clothes with some plastic masks thus giving a strange and effortless look.  Fans noticed so many problems between the two as they were supposed to be wearing matching outfits but in reality, they were not even coordinating.    

Christina Aguilera – We’re Not Sure

Christina Aguilera – We’re not sure
(Christina Aguilera – We’re not sure/ImageCredits: Oggi)

Whatever she was wearing was something creepiest. Although she was supposed to be dressed up, she definitely was not dressed up as she wore a fusion hot pink wig, on top of that wig a crown, with a pair of black knee length high boots. Nobody could judge what she was looking like. Christina wore a similar dress back in 2012 when she attended a Halloween party with her husband and he was also looking like some sort of old-fashioned chevalier.

Leonardo Dicaprio – Grim Reaper

Leonardo DiCaprio – Grim Reaper
( Leonardo DiCaprio – Grim Reaper/ImageCredits: Vanity Fair)

The handsome and dapper Leonardo tried to dress up as a scarier figure for a Halloween bash in 2013 in Los Angeles. The actor was only wearing a black cloak that only showed his hands. Fans think that he should be wearing matching gloves and should have been carrying a weapon to complete his look. Thank God he did not scare anyone with his looks at the party and funnily he was able to look with those black ninja looks.  

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Chris Brown – Taliban Member

Chris Brown – Taliban member
(Chris Brown – Taliban member!/ImageCredits: NME)

Someone has to be as thoughtless as Chris Brown to dress up as a Taliban member. His looks not only were belligerent but also treacherous and offensive.  Fans did not understand his idea behind dressing up as a member of Taliban even when you know the political conditions of the United States with Afghanistan. Everyone knows of Chris as a violent person but actually wearing something as terrible and horrendous as this takes lots of guts and power. To complete his look, he was wearing a fake beard with a string of bullets, a head scarf and a Taliban uniform.

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Lauren Conrad – Tooth Fairy

 Lauren Conrad – Tooth Fairy
( Lauren Conrad – Tooth Fairy/ImageCredits: Us Weeklym)

Everyone knows that Laurel is a fashion blogger for magazines and a haughty exquisite spectacle copycat on MTV hit reality show ‘The Hills’. Everyone was expecting better Halloween looks from her but what she wore was totally a jacked-up tooth fairy. Seemed like she raided a store minutes before hitting the party and messed up her whole look. Her fans did not approve of her looks at all.    

Heidi Klum – Lady Godiva

Heidi Klum – Lady Godiva
(Heidi Klum – Lady Godiva/ImageCredits:

Heidi’s fans were expecting something better of her Halloween looks but she disappointed everyone with her fashion and style. Nobody understands what she was thinking while she dressed up as Lady Godiva. The funniest thing is that she was riding a horse when she came to the party and everyone just could not believe their eyes.  

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