Will Harry Styles Go On Tour In 2024
(Will Harry Styles Go On Tour In 2024?/Image Credits:NME)

Harry Styles the former one direction band member has captured the attention of many fans all over the world with his exceptional music and unique personality.

Following the conclusion of his latest tour, fans are already excited for the announcement for his next tour date. The singer-songwriter finished his Love On Tour trek in the city Reggio Emilia, Italy in late July after nearly two years on the road. 

Expressing his gratitude to his fans for showing up just to see him perform, harry took to his Instagram telling his millions of fans that the endeavor had been “the greatest experience of my life.” The shows aren’t just a happy memory for Styles, they are also ones that made him rich and which have helped him make history.

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Will Harry Styles Go On Tour In 2024
(Will Harry Styles Go On Tour In 2024?/Image Credits:Billboard)

According to Billboard, Styles’s Love On Tour now ranks as the fifth-highest-grossing tour of all time. After all the ticket sales have been counted, the trek racked up an incredible $617.3 million in grosses. Styles sold more than five million tickets to fans all over the world throughout the run.

Following the pandemic lockdown, The Love On Tour was the first big event to kick off hence many people thought the tour wouldn't get as many crowds as expected. But we all stand corrected. The tour began in September 2021 in Las Vegas, and over the course of the next two years, Harry traveled to more than two dozen countries, visiting quite a few of them more than once.

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One fan commenting on the live performance of Harry Styles which she witnessed stated: “It was absolutely amazing. The first band/singer who played was amazing (Maddy Jane). Harry was amazing - at the start of his show, he was so mysterious and beautiful. At the beginning, i cried because I was so happy that I was there, the fact that I was able to get tickets and to believe he was there and to actually see him in person. Throughout the show Harry was his cheeky and charming self, he was very entertaining and sang his songs beautifully. Harry sang covers and songs from his album 'Harry Styles'. The covers were Just a little bit of your heart, he sang Stockholm Syndrome and The Chain by Fleetwood Mac. He sang Kiwi 2 times and the fans who were at the concert sang Kiwi through by themselves. The management of the whole show was amazing, as was the security, the medical, the services and obviously so was Maddy Jane and Harry Styles. Overall it was a great experience - I would go there again for any other concert.”

Tickets for the last tour sold out within moments of the tour's announcement, hence why it's important to know beforehand if the singer will be touring in 2024, so you can book your tickets down. So let's get down to it!

Will Harry Styles Be Touring in 2024?

Will Harry Styles Be Touring in 2024?
(Will Harry Styles Be Touring in 2024?/Image Credits:IndyStar)

The simple answer is Yes! Harry Styles is going on tour in 2024! and you can purchase concert tickets through various ticketing websites. However, despite giving out an unofficial announcement about his upcoming tour in 2024, Harry Styles is yet to release official tour dates and setlist. But fans can stay updated by following Harry Styles on social media. Don’t miss your chance to see Harry Styles perform live in 2024!

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Where to Buy Concert Tickets

Where to Buy Concert Tickets
(Where to Buy Concert Tickets/Image Credits:Rolling Stone)

If you’re planning to attend Harry Styles Tour 2024, then you know where to purchase tickets should be your number one priority. The easiest way to buy concert tickets is online. You can buy tickets from the official website of Harry Styles or popular ticketing websites like Ticketmaster, StubHub, and Live Nation. It's advised that you only buy tickets from recommended websites as they are safer and scammers can't steal your money if you use an official website. Additionally, you can also avoid long queues and sold-out tickets by buying them online.

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What are the tour dates for Harry Styles Tour 2024?

The dates for Harry Styles Tour 2024 have not been officially announced yet. However, it is expected to kick off in late spring or early summer 2024. For more updates about the upcoming tour, keep following our page!