'Saved By The Bell' Reboot Returns With A Satire Comedic Twist
('Saved By The Bell' Reboot Returns With A Satire Comedic Twist/ Image Credits:Washington Post)

Saved by the Bell is a 2020 TV series aired on Peacock back in November 2020. It is an American sitcom created by Sam Bobrick who introduces us to the same characters from the original series navigating life in their 40's. This is a reboot of the original tv series with the same name; Saved by the Bell for NBC created by Sam back in 1989. The new series revival excited fans but was unfortunately canceled in May 2022 after two seasons even though the series was renewed for a second season with 10 episodes in 2021 November. 

Overall Plot: The original series that lasted from 1989 to 1992 was about a group of teenagers who attended high school in California. The entire main cast was a part of the reboot except for Dustin Diamond who played Screech and Dennis Haskins, his role as Mr. Bleding. Now after 26 years of Zach and Kelly's wedding, these grown-up 40-year-olds aren't teenagers anymore. A new generation of young students is enrolled in the Bayside High School but now Zach Morris who is the Governor of California decides to transfer all students going to low-income public schools to better wealthier state schools and shut down the previous small local ones including Bayside. The previous main characters, however, are reintroduced to us with their new professions; AC Slater (Mario Lopez) is a gym teacher, Jessie Spano (Elizebath Berkley Lauren) is a guidance counselor and Zach Morris (Mark-Paul Gosellar) as we all know, is now a city mayor.

'Saved By The Bell' Reboot Returns With A Satire Comedic Twist
('Saved By The Bell' Reboot Returns With A Satire Comedic Twist/ Image Credits:Seventeen Magazine)

The reboot: The reboot revolves around the story of new main characters who have to merge their high school with privileged kids. Bayside kids Lexi, Zack's son Mac, and Jessie's son Jamie meet new students Daisy, Aisha, and Devante The show includes diversity and a lot of satire with humor but some critics criticized it for trying too hard to be woke. While many fans loved the nostalgia it brought, others have shared how this series is a source of joy for everyone from silly jokes to irony.

It always ends up making you laugh. It doesn't feel outdated or far from reality, Writer Tracy Wigfield who has also worked on 30 Rock has done a great job at making the show relatable, and funny, with quick comedy and structural narration of the story. She also highlights social issues in a way that it feels original and goes perfectly along with the storyline rather than trying too hard to add new elements to the ongoing plot just to get viewership for the show. Go to dailypopmix.com for more updated news.