On Wednesday's edition of The Masked Singer, five disguised celebrities attempted to score big, but one misfired and was forced to withdraw during NFL Night. NFL Night was opened by Le'Veon Bell, the Milkshake from season 8, who made a comeback to perform the Black Eyed Peas classic song 'I Gotta Feeling.'

The cow is back on stage!

The cow returned to the stage. Cow stated in their clue packet, 'I don't have many recollections of watching the big game with my dad. He wasn't there, and I didn't have many good male role models while I was growing up. All the ladies lived in the house where I was reared, which made me the sensitive cow that I am today.

That gave Cow a parenting lesson. Cow remarked, 'Now that I'm a parent, I know the value of being present for my children,' adding that 'my greatest accomplishment has always been my kids.' Along with Momma Cow sporting a sorcerer's hat, the clue bundle included boxing gloves with a downward pointing arrow.

Cow chose 'Treasure' by Bruno Mars from the list of songs that each contestant had to sing, which was performed during the Super Bowl halftime show. He makes it seem simple, doesn't he? Jenny McCarthy, a judge, later remarked. Was that truly unbelievable? 

Bell, 31, provided Cow with a further hint in the form of tap shoes. I am well recognized for my spectacular moo-ves, much like a Super Bowl halftime show,' Cow stated. The panel, which also features Robin Thicke, Ken Jeong, Nicole Scherzinger, and NE-YO, speculated that Cow may be Trey Songz, NE-YO, Mario, Jason Derulo, or Nelly.

Diver swam as a kid!

In his clue box, Diver stated, 'I always wanted to be famous as a kid.' The package also had high heels. 'I did modelling, acting, and singing, of course. I was constantly hoping to become well-known. I simply didn't realize that everyone was against me. However, I'm here to demonstrate to the world that I'm greater than my flaws. Just being here is therapeutic in and of itself.

In addition, Diver said, 'Getting to share my talent instead of my drama is exactly what I needed.' One Republic’s 'I Ain't Worried' was covered by the swimmer, and Scherzinger, 45, said, 'You have talent!' A fan appeared in the crowd with a club painted on their breast as Diver's extra hint. I'm a good fit for the club, Diver said. 'I know how to launch the club. How come?\

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Judges tossed out!

Pete Davidson and Pauly D were disqualified by the judges as candidates for Diver, while Jeong, 54, went with last week's prediction of Vanderpump Rules actor Tom Sandoval. The second group to take the stage was Gazelle, who discussed growing up under adversity in their clue packet.

Many times, I questioned if there was a place for me in the entertainment business, said Gazelle. I was forced to alter my name at the age of eight to fit in better with the group.

The clue bundle included a surfboard and a 'Threat level: 3' placard.  I'm proud of my background, and I'm pleased to keep paving the way for young ladies who resemble me, said Gazelle. The swift land animal gave Katy Perry's 'The One That Got Away' a new spin.

McCarthy, 50, told Gazelle, 'I think you ought to be one of the biggest singers of all time.' 'You have such amazing talent,' I said. Auli'i Cravalho, Leighton Meester, and Constance Wu emerged as potential candidates for the role of Gazelle.

S’more rising to fame!

S'more then continued with their account of success. My father was frightened to lose his son to the fantasy world of fame, even though I was destined for the brave life in the limelight, S'more said in their clue package.

A cauldron, the letter M on a TV, and a gaming console were all visible on the packaging. When I was still a high school student, a terrific opportunity to work with an industry legend presented itself, but when my father learned about it, he told me to turn it down. 'I took the difficult decision to leave. Years later, I triumphed on the Broadway stage.

S'more chose Maroon 5's 'Moves Like Jagger,' which prompted Scherzinger to congratulate the dessert, saying, 'You are the entire package and you melted that stage tonight.'

DeSean Jackson, a wide receiver, offered an orange as S'more's second hint. S'more said, 'I've experienced triumph before, and it's so beautiful. Here at The Masked Singer, I want to do so once again. Simu Liu, JC Chasez, and Kevin Richardson of the Backstreet Boys were proposed by the panel as potential candidates for S'more's identity.

Pickle – wildcard competitor!

Pickle joined the competition as a wildcard participant. Pickle said in his clue package, 'When I was younger, all my instructors thought I was nothing, that I was a hyper, unruly child who had no interest in anything beyond athletics.”It was decided that I was a bad boy with no future.' 

The clue package also contained references to working with Quentin Tarantino, Martin Scorsese, and Martin Short as well as spray paint, a Joker card, and a microphone. Pickle stated, 'My tongue still gets into steak, but that crazy, troublemaking youngster became a tremendously successful hyper, troublemaking adult.

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'Pinball Wizard' by The Who was modified by Pickle. McCarthy proclaimed, 'This is my all-time favorite costume from The Masked Singer.' 

The 46-year-old Thicke said, 'He kind of looks a little like me, to be honest.' Pickle's bonus clue was an 'ON AIR' sign that the NFL players unveiled. People pay attention when I talk, Pickle said. 'Ken, are you listening? Kenny, do you hear me? Kenny, pay attention. I'm paid well to talk. Additionally, Pickle stated that they 'bring that BDE, that Big Dill energy.'

Judges thought on Pickle!

The judges speculated that Pickle could be actor and host Howard Stern, Conan O'Brien, Dax Shepard, or Craig Kilborn.

After each of the celebs in disguise performed, emcee Nick Cannon asked the crowd to select their least favourite. That turned out to be Diver, and Sandoval another one of Jeong's predictions appeared beneath the bathing suit.

Cannon, 44, screamed, 'Ken was correct. Jeong fessed out, 'I'm kind of starstruck right now!' McCarthy praised the reality star's boldness for participating in The Masked Singer. She is 41 years old. 'You were quite sensitive talking about, 'You know what?'' she said to Sandoval. Many people dislike me.

Fox broadcasts The Masked Singer every Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET.