Winning Oscar in his first attempt

Matt DamonAn A List Super Star Or A Successful Actor?
(Winning Oscar in his firstattempt/ImageCredits:ShowbizCheat Sheet)

Damon co-starred and co-wrote a movie in 1996 with his friend Ben Affleck. The movie was about blue-collar male tear-jerker ‘Good Will Hunting’ and gave a breakthrough to Matt’s career. The movie won a Best Original Screenplay Oscar. Matt’s role in the movie as a hard-working janitor was superb and won the hearts of his fans. Matt was also nominated as a Best Actor for his role in the movie.

A man who can do anything

52 years old Damon’s career comprises almost four dozen movies. He has been a movie star since the beginning. There is not a single genre Damon has not worked on. His career has given the best of all be it comedy, action, thriller or historical ones. He has worked with top notch directors and did what his sixth sense said which worked well for him.

 Oppenheimer breaking all records

Matt DamonAn A List Super Star Or A Successful Actor?
(Oppenheimer breaking all records/ImageCredits:People)

Damon never ran after the money but he chose his scripts wisely and carefully. He was in the budget of most of the directors that made him an easy-going actor. His intelligence made him what he is today. Matt Damon’s recent blockbuster movie ‘Oppenheimer’ has broken all the records.

Still feeling young about himself

While sharing his thoughts he said it’s an amazing feeling to know that he has been working for so long in the industry and people love his work. Sometimes he can’t believe his achievements and feels blessed about his career. He cannot believe has been a part of the big screen for so long. For him it feels just like yesterday he started doing movies.

Personality paying him a lot

Damon has worked with almost all big directors. His positivity and adaptability have made him different from other actors. Damon’s boyish looks and evergreen charm was loved by all. His friendliness, humbleness and dedication to work has not only taken him to the big screen but also to Cannes.

Who hates social media & media attention?

Matt DamonAn A List Super Star Or A Successful Actor?
(Who hates social media & mediaattention?/ImageCredits:FandomWire)

Movies without Damon would be blank and less entertaining. If anyone misses going to cinemas and going for movies, he would also be missing Matt’s laughter, goofiness and intelligence. Matt is one of those lesser-known celebrities who are not on social media, hates being on media and gaining their attention. He is the most likable and prominent man on the planet.

A man of persona

During covid when industry was on a halt Matt was positive about his presence and promotions on Riviera. His optimism and profound perspective about taking things has taken him to higher levels. He is a man who does what suits him and never runs after what people or celebrities would say or think about him.