Gaming has been completely revolutionized by Virtual reality technology. However, these incredible world which is generated by computer have far more uses and weirder uses than just gaming platforms. what about the study in to the neural responses of zebrafish or replicating a hallucinogenic Amazonian ritual?
Here we present some Virtual Reality Flight Experience.

1) Hovering made easy in DCS

Hovering made easy in DCS
(Hovering made easy in DCS Image Credits: Reddit)

Even non -swimmers marvel at being able to sit inside and fly the A-10C, F-15C or MiG-21b is among the growing stable of heavy metal rides with in the Eagle Dynamics ultra-detailed DCS world, which became the instant hit in virtual reality.

However, the place where the Rift shines is in the flight of helicopter which turning the clumsy helicopter pilots into steely String fellow Hawkes. whereas the ability to judge motion and height in Virtual reality of the helicopter accurately which means hover taxing, landing in tight spaces and pedal turning becomes breeze.

2) Dodging flak and fighters in War Thunder

Dodging flak and fighters in War Thunder
(Dodging flak and fighters in War Thunder Image Credits: Reddit)

War Thunder, a free to play game that provided an early test of VR flight sims, it is the multiple game with over 80WW2 and early jet aircraft to fly. However, on the simulator level, you’re placed in VR cockpit and most of flying are removed, while many players stick with arcade difficulty and external view. Even though the maps are small then those in IL-2 1946, the action is always far away. The excitement of flying through dense flak and tracer, watching contrail above as your aircraft sins to the ground with its control shredded is exhilarating.

3) Sunset landings in FSX

Sunset landings in FSX
(Sunset landings in FSX Image Credits: Youtube)

The VR flight sim experience when the sunset landing in FSX is more peaceful. The cockpit dull, as you check around the flight deck, start the descent and see welcoming mythology lights, Fly Inside basically a paid third party program which supports the VR in FSX, FSX SE and P3D. However, the virtual cockpits quality will differ, and the ability to experience and to fly literally thousands of aircraft available which are both free and paid everywhere in the world.

4) VTOL landing on carrier in CAP2

VTOL landing on carrier in CAP2
(VTOL landing on carrier in CAP2 Image Credits:

Combat Air Patrol 2 , a new title in early access development, which is also adopted Virtual Reality into its release, allowing players to fly the iconic AV-8B Harrier. Likewise choppers in DCS, which is landing in VR of Harrier suddenly become, if not that easy, than a lot more controllable and natural than it was before, The great transition coming from hovering beside a US assault carrier to side stepping to plonk it on the deck . According to the recent update the Air to air refueling also added.

5) Air racing in Red Bull

Air racing in Red Bull
(Air racing in Red Bull Image Credits:

Red Bull Air Racing was one of the exciting on TV, then the any other courses of flying in VR takes the adrenaline rush to a whole new level.  Authoritatively licensed by Red Bull, the flight displaying something to be desired for idealists, yet who cares when you're flying knife-edge around doors just feet from the beginning in this gorgeous looking free game.