s.no Show Name
1 The Swan (2004)
2  Bridalplasty
3 Sexy Beasts (2014 – 2021)
4  Born in the Wild (2015)
5 I Wanna Marry Harry (2014)
6 My Strange Addiction (2010- 2015)
7 Penitents Compete (2009)
8 Best Funeral Ever

1. The Swan (2004)

The Swan (2004)
(The Swan (2004)/Image Credits:MEL Magazine)

If we are looking for a reality show that perpetuates unhealthy and toxic beauty standards for women then it would be none other than 'The Swan.' The show picked women after having them undergo several cosmetic procedures just to make them beautiful. During the filming of the show, the contestants were isolated from the world and every mirror was covered, restricting them from seeing their transformation. After all these restricted rules only two contestants had to compete against each other to become the Swan Pageant.

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2. Bridalplasty

(Bridalplasty/Image Credits:Salon.com)

This show had 12 contestants who would be brides united for a mission to get plastic surgery done before their big day. The contestants had a 'wish list' of procedures they wanted to get with the doctor Terry Dubrow. The show received a backlash from the audiences as the show was built on the foundation of exploiting its participants' insecurities. The contestant or a bride that would stand last would get a fully paid wedding and any surgical procedure she had listed.

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3. Sexy Beasts (2014 – 2021)

Sexy Beasts (2014 – 2021)
(Sexy Beasts (2014 – 2021)/Image Credits:The Guardian)

The show is based on blind dating and beastly cosplay, with people dressed in ridiculous 'beat getups' to get to know the person underneath. The show was a bizarre dating game in 2012 it got picked by Netflix.

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4. Born In The Wild (2015)

Born in the Wild (2015)
(Born in the Wild (2015)/Image Credits:Rotten Tomatoes)

This show is inspired by a viral video of a now-deleted 2013 YouTube video delivering a baby in the wilderness. The press release of Lifetime backed show read, What happens when the craziest experience of a woman’s life becomes truly wild, and soon-to-be parents decide to take on an unassisted birth in the outdoors? Born in the Wild will document the journeys of young, expectant parents who have chosen to give birth 'in the wild. However, the producers of the show clarified that an ambulance and EMT were available on standby.

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5. I Wanna Marry Harry (2014)

For the show, 12 American women were hand-picked

I Wanna Marry Harry (2014)
(I Wanna Marry Harry (2014)/Image Credits:Rotten Tomatoes)

for their looks who were under 26 and sent to a British stately home. These women were introduced to a mysterious Sir' who descends from the helicopters and is persistently accompanied by a security detail. The women competed in twerking competitions, bikini runways, and in beauty pageants. 

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6. My Strange Addiction (2010- 2015)

My Strange Addiction (2010- 2015)
(My Strange Addiction (2010- 2015)/Image Credits:Spiel Times)

In the show, the individuals battling compulsive behaviors were brought together. In the first season of the show, the participants binged on glass and toilet paper, sleeping beside blow dryers and treating dolls as their partners. As the show continued the addiction of the participants became abnormal like eating the ash remains of their dead husband.

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7. Penitents Compete (2009)

Penitents Compete (2009)
(Penitents Compete (2009)/Image Credits:Wikipedia)

Usually, things get controversial when it comes to religious affairs, the same happened with the Turkish reality show, 'Penitents Compete'. In the show, a Jewish rabbi, a Buddhist monk, an Orthodox priest, and a Muslim imam were trying to convert 10 atheists over several weeks.

8. Best Funeral Ever

Best Funeral Ever
(Best Funeral Ever/Image Credits:NY Post)

It was aired in 2013, based on a Dallas-based Golden Gate Funeral Home, They planned a grand home-going celebration, the show theatrical send-off for the deceased. John Beckwith Jr., the owner believed, If [the deceased] wanted to dunk a basketball, we can make that happen, but for the regular cable TV watchers of the 2000s( and now), the concept was a far cry from reality. Other characteristic sequences included welcoming pigs and other livestock, an urn riding a Ferris wheel, a barbecue sauce fountain, funeral home employees dressed as elves, and, most curiously, employees providing professional mourning services.

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