Creator Of ‘our Flag Means Death’ Declares Fan Reaction As ‘overwhelming’ And ‘gratifying’!
(Creator Of ‘our Flag Means Death’ /ImageCredits: Variety)

Taika Waititi and Rhys Darby are back for Season 2 on October, 5. ‘Our Flag Mean Death’s second season will air on October 5 on Max, continuing the track of Ed who played the role of Taika Waititi and Stede, acting role of Rhys Darby. 

They discover their warm feeling for one another and ever since the series aired on the television channel, a very dedicated fan base emerged to spark exotic high-seas explorations. The online comeback to the tale was overwhelming as fans every week glance at what happened with the bandits. 

Throughout a recent interview with Carly Lane of Collider, the creator of the series, David Jenkins discussed the effect that he underwent by the response of audiences to ‘Our Flag Means Death’.  He said, ‘I am a thoughtful person that know a little bit about where we were then, in reflection, no people have been burned and hurt that many shows made him feel silly’.

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David Jenkins Felt Honored To Receive The ‘Gratifying’ Show By The Fans! 

David Jenkins Felt Honored To Receive The ‘Gratifying’ Show By The Fans! 
(David Jenkins Felt Honored To Receive The ‘Gratifying’ Show By The Fans! /ImageCredits: StreamsGeek)

David Jenkins further mentioned, ‘it was a very gratifying to discover the show embraced and see every component of the creative admired, every element of the production’s design, each department to get due attention was just an overwhelming experience. It is an honor of my overall professional life and I couldn’t assume that this occurs frequently. Hence, I am just enjoying it repeatedly.’ 

The idea of the changeable series started when Stede was not feeling relaxed with how he dealt with his inactive life back within the landmasses. His wedding with Mary Bonnet, played by Claudia O’Doherty was not doing well and when he rejoiced to raise his kids, nothing made him feel whole any longer. 

Once he assumed it least, Stede left his family to begin a new life, being a pirate without knowing a single thing about how to deal with or sail the crew. Gratefully, it would not be long before he ran for one of the most popular bandits in history. Before Ed had a word with Stede, he’d stand himself as the most violent bandit who’d commanded the ship with his repo approaching him at each turn.

Season 2 Of ‘Our Flag Means Death’ Is A Journey Of ‘Healing’. 

Season 2 Of ‘Our Flag Means Death’ Is A Journey Of ‘Healing’. 
(Season 2 Of ‘Our Flag Means Death’ Is A Journey Of ‘Healing’. /ImageCredits: Millennium Post)

With Izzy at his side, Blackbeard seized boats effortlessly, stealing treasures and causing chaos. Unexpectedly, he fell in love with Stede. When Stede left for Mary, Ed was heartbroken. Little did he know, Stede was planning to return to find him.

Though the first instalment of the series discovered the main duo breaking up, the fresh episodes will discover how every character handles the separation. The cast and crew have been parted away in the aftereffects of the couple, going in distinctive directions with Blackbeard returning to his vicious inclinations in a more aggressive way than ever before. 

It's still unclear whether Ed will reunite with Stede or if his heartbreak will steer him and his allies toward an uncertain destiny in the vast ocean. You can watch ‘Our Flag Means Death’ return on October 5, to Max. Need more info? Stay connected with and discover our blog section to glance at the outlook of the world.