A remake of 1970's traumatic series

'scenes From A Marriage': A Traumatic Divorce Series On Hbo
(A remake of 1970's traumatic series/ Image Credits:IMDb)

Scenes from a marriage’ is a contemporary modification of Swedish filmmaker Ingmar Bergman’s heartlessly and ardently authentic series that was first made in 1970. The same series has now been written, produced, directed and executed by Israeli filmmaker Hagai Levi. Jessica and Oscar have played the role of husband and wife as Jonathan and Mira and the show depicts their falling marriage. The series gives the glimpse of love, loath, marriage and then divorce between a modern couple.

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HBO ready to jolt its audience

This new version of the mini-series which will be telecasted on HBO is equally emotional and tense as the previous one. The series investigates the complications spouses go through and interrogates them. Jessica Chastain is one of Hollywood's renowned stars. She was nominated for an Academy Award for her incredible performance in 'The Help'. Jessica has numerous blockbusters in her accolade and now she is starring in HBO's mini-series ' Scenes from marriage.

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Series vs real life

Mini-series comprises five episodes which gives the audience an insight of troubles she faces with her husband but at the same time the audience is more interested in her real-life relationship with her husband. Jessica and Oscar before signing for the show were quite worried while risking their decade long friendship. Both the actors have given their heart and soul to the series that they started thinking their own marriage life would suffer because of the intense roles they are playing on screen. The mini-series has already gained much hype.

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Two decades long friendship

'scenes From A Marriage': A Traumatic Divorce Series On Hbo
(Two decades long friendship/ Image Credits:Hollywood Life)

Jessica and Oscar have known each other since school times where they both have studied together and worked together in 'A most violent year 'are the talk of the town in their new drama launching on Sky Atlantic at 9 pm on 11th October. While talking about their characters in 'Scenes from marriage' Oscar told that he and Jessica had been really close friends who have known each other and know each other's likes and dislikes. They communicate on important issues which also helps them to understand their respective roles better. Before signing the character both of them have studied the roles thoroughly and asked each other questions about the roles.

Will the show affect their relationship?

Jessica further added that her character as Mira is quite depressive where she has distanced herself from most of the things. According to her she enjoyed exploring the character with her partner Isaac. While giving more insight about the series she revealed that in later episodes the show becomes intense and takes a roller coaster ride where Jonathan and Mira both are hurting each other with verbal and physical abuse.