Selfish Actor’s New Film Launched With A Pooja Ceremony
(Selfish Actor’s New Film Launched With A Pooja Ceremony/Image Credits: The Pioneer)

After promoting his film for many times with th perfect strategies to attract audiences in the cinemas which was premiered yesterday, they initiated their first premier by starting it with a big Pooja ceremony to get good wishes and pray for a successful revenue, the prayer took place in Hyderabad.

Film reach a climax after succeeding strings 

Succeeding the string of ingenious teaser clips reaches a climax subsequently. Today's mornings the functions began with the ritual functions of pooja in Hyderabad.

The major function was attended by major actors in the industry. The function was held at Hyderabad 

The film Selfish embarks at Annapurna Studios approx 9:36 am. The VIPS together with actors Harish, Dhanush, and Anil.

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Premiere of the film

The premiere of Ashish's film with rowdy boys will be seen with superb acting. Ashish was the nephew of producer Raju. This film is the third of Ashish which sets in motion in an impressive way.
Trivikram the director resonates frame on Ashish with the producer Raja and the boys team along with Naga, Chinababu and everybody honors the function.

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The bluescreens of Selfish

Dhanush applauded for the film. The film was written and directed by Vishal primarily in film making.
Shirish and Raju are the producers of the film in partnership with Sukumar covered by Sukumar  writings.

Selfish united with Sukumar 

Raju reveal his joys that he was excited about how they united with Sukumar for the film after 18 years of gap. He manifests his pleasure about the union for Selfish. 

Raju  was expecting the film selfish hoped to be promising in Ashish's life after his last film Rowdy Boys. He put his great effort into acting and hoped it would be a blockbuster like Rowdy’s Boys.The next film of Ashish’s will be directed by Arun.

All the remarkable celebrities were attending the event and praised for Ashish’s  acting in Rowdy’s.

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Raju reveals about the shooting status

The famous director of photography Sriram and a top-notch Oscar personality Keeravaani whisk the function. The beginning of film shooting will be started shortly. You will be aware about it  soon regarding the cast and team of the  film Raju express with joy to his audience and lastly, he shows his appreciation who attend the grand function of the film.

The preparation with the script already started even when there was no news of the release of Rowdy Boys and the best part Dil Raju agreed to return he film as soon as possible after the preparations. Mickey is working in the film as a composer and Chandrabose is showing of his skills in music, the film is directed by the senior director Malaiah who has made it a masterpiece. 

We hope that the film get good responses from the audience as they have put all of their efforts in just a single film, to show a great piece of work to the audience