Jerry Springer the TV show host died on Thursday last week aged 70 suffering from a short illness with pancreatic cancer. Let's have a look at his wildest moments from the show.

The Outrageous Moments From The Jerry Springer Show!
(The Outrageous Moments From The Jerry Springer Show!/Image Credits:The Hollywood Reporter)

I Married a Horse

A man named Bob revealed in a banned episode of Jerry Springer that his wife is a horse named ‘Pixel’. He recalled this on the Meredith Vieira Show, that he had no idea that the man's wife was a horse, "I thought his wife has fallen off the horse, you don't think, 'Oh gee, that's his wife', so I started yelling, 'Someone checks backstage', and the producers were saying, 'No, no, that's his wife.' Springer told Meredith Vieira that he was unaware of what Bob was going to reveal on the show.

I married your dad, but I want you back

In the episode which aired in 2012, Jerry had a woman on the show named Tiana, who married her ex-husband's father. She was explaining on the show that her husband walked from California to Montana to be with her and at that time he didn't have a car. She further explained when they got married her father-in-law started living with them and she fell in love with him while her husband was away at work. She then married her father and divorced Ryan but she confessed on the show that she wanted her husband back.

You Slept With My Striper Sister!

This moment is from the 2011 clip from the Springer show where the woman tells him that her sister has a history of sleeping with women's exes. She later came on stage and let her sister know that after a night at the club, she bedded her boyfriend, Jerry, there was slapping and hair pulling and the situation got worse when the boyfriend said he was sorry and ended up slapping as well.

I Slept With 251 Men in 10 Hours!

Jerry Springer spoke to a 22 years old pornstar Annabel Chong in 1995. She also took part in the “world’s biggest gangbang”. Springer asked her, “Are you ever going to be able to love a man?” Chong spoke, “Why not?” After some years in the industry, Chong went on to work in software development – and left her record behind.  Her record was broken by Jasmin St Clair, who also went on Jerry Springer to discuss the feat.

Zack … the 70 lb Baby

In Jerry Springer's talk, Zack made headlines because of his weight and size. His father said on the show, "Wouldn't change him for the world," his parents put Zack in adult diapers and lived an unconventional life. He was later diagnosed with Simpson-Golabi-Behmel syndrome, which causes overgrowth.