Tim Wakefield Requests For Privacy Following The Disclosure Of His Cancer Diagnosis
(Tim Wakefield Requests For Privacy Following The Disclosure Of His Cancer Diagnosis/Image Credits:The Mirror US)

Renowned Boston Red Sox icon Tim Wakefield and his spouse have expressed their desire for "privacy" after former MLB pitcher Curt Schilling divulged their cancer diagnoses on his podcast without their consent.

The Red Sox, acting on behalf of the Wakefields, conveyed in a statement, "We have taken note of the statements and inquiries regarding the health of Tim and Stacy Wakefield." "Regrettably, this information has been disseminated publicly without their authorization.

Assistance and fondness

Their health is an intensely personal matter that they had intended to keep confidential as they navigate treatment and confront this illness." The aforementioned statement additionally expressed, "Tim and Stacy express their gratitude for the support and affection that has consistently been bestowed upon them, and respectfully appeal for privacy during this period."

In a recent instalment of The Curt Schilling Baseball Show podcast, aired on Tuesday, the 56-year-old Schilling revealed distressing news regarding his former teammate on the Red Sox from 2004-2007. Tim has unfortunately received a diagnosis of an "aggressive form of brain cancer." Additionally, Stacy, another individual known to Schilling, is currently engaged in a battle against pancreatic cancer.

No one has made a request

"Tim Wakefield, the renowned knuckleballer, is currently unwell," Schilling stated, referring to the retired athlete who is now 57 years old.  Therefore, I am compelled to engage in a discourse on this subject matter. Schilling proceeded, "Regrettably, Tim has recently received a grave diagnosis of an exceedingly aggressive form of brain cancer."

Struggle against pancreatic cancer

Tim Wakefield Requests For Privacy Following The Disclosure Of His Cancer Diagnosis
(Struggle against pancreatic cancer/Image Credits:CooPWB)

Schilling also disclosed that Stacy is afflicted with cancer. Tim's wife Stacy, a woman of exceptional kindness, is currently battling pancreatic cancer. My wife has had conversations with her, and they are both enduring a tremendously challenging time. I wish to convey that we are all keeping them in our thoughts and prayers."

Following Schilling's revelation, it was met with disapproval on social media. Catherine Varitek, the spouse of former Red Sox catcher Jason Varitek, expressed her disapproval towards Curt Schilling by stating, "That was not your place, Curt Schilling."

Expressing their thoughts and opinions

This statement was made on X (previously known as Twitter). Additionally, sports blogger Robbie Johnson conveyed his support for Tim Wakefield while simultaneously expressing his disdain towards Curt Schilling. 

Tim Wakefield, an esteemed practitioner of the knuckleball technique, garnered recognition as an All-Star and achieved the pinnacle of success by clinching the World Series championship on two occasions throughout his illustrious tenure spanning 17 seasons with the Red Sox. 

In a remarkable feat, he gracefully bid adieu to his professional baseball career in 2012, promptly following his attainment of the momentous milestone of securing his 200th career victory at the venerable age of 45.