Cameron Diaz’s Journey From ‘The Mask’ To ‘annie’. A Look Back At Superstar’s Best Movies!
( Cameron Diaz’s Journey from ‘The Mask’ to ‘Annie’. A look back at superstar’s best movies!/ImageCredits:The Independent)

Cameron who is famous for her gullible personality and implausible performances has given blockbuster hit movies from ‘There’s Something About Mary’ to ‘My Best Friend’s Wedding’. Her presence on screen has always been admired by her fans.   Cameron took a long break to spend quality time with her family but recently she has surprised her fans by sharing that she will soon see her alongside Jamie Fox in a Netflix series ‘Back in Action’.   Right after doing ‘The Mask’ which was re-watched by millions of her fans and to date keeps the fans glued to the TV screens, Cameron established herself as a hardworking and dedicated actress. ‘The Mask’ applauded many awards making Cameron the most demanding actress of the 90's.   Her highest-earned blockbusters and top-ranked movies have been listed below and will be a treat for the eyes:

There’s Something About Mary (1998)

  There’s something about Mary (1998)
( There’s something about Mary (1998)/ImageCredits:TV Insider)

The movie was directed by Peter Farrelly and written by Ed Decter, Peter & Bobby Farrelly was distributed and promoted by 20th Century Fox. This was Cameron’s second movie after giving a blockbuster hit movie ‘The Mask’. Her fans still recall her brilliant performance and especially remember the scene where she applies ‘hair gel’. That was her acting style that left the fans in awe of her dialogue delivery whether it was confronting Ted who paid Pat to spy on her or her heart-to-heart conversations with Magda sharing what she is looking for in a guy.

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Vanilla Sky (2001)

  Vanilla Sky (2001)
( Vanilla Sky (2001)/ImageCredits:MOVIES MADE ME)

Cameron played the role of Julianna Gianni alongside superstar Tom Cruise in a sci-fi movie directed and written by Cameron Crowe and distributed by Paramount Pictures. The movie is an adaptation of the Spanish movie ‘Open Your Eyes’ released in 1997. Her role as Julianna might be a small bon-screen-screen presence and her acting skills skipped the heartbeats of her fans. She was one of those few actresses who were nominated for Globe and SAG and was shortlisted for Oscars in a very short period.

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Being John Malkovich (1999)

  Being John Malkovich (1999)
( Being John Malkovich (1999)/

No one does a comedy role better than Cameron and her role as Lotte Schwartz in this movie is epic. The movie won nominations for Oscars, Globe, and SAG but Cameron missed winning the Oscar for that movie against Toni Collette’s loving mother in ‘The Sixth Sense’. The movie revolves around a sensitive topic where Cameron plays the role of a transgender in the mind of actor John Malkovich.

  Charlie’s Angels (2000)

  Charlie’s Angels (2000)
( Charlie’s Angels (2000)/ImageCredits:YouTube)

The movie was directed by McG and written by Ryan Rowe and Ed Solomon and was distributed under the banner of Sony Pictures. Cameron played the role of Natalie Cook in an action-packed movie and showed herself as a badass woman and around her no one dares to bat an eye. The movie is based on an action-fighting television series from the 1970s. Cameron did not shy away from showing her dance moves while she conversed with the mailman.

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  The Mask (1994)

  The Mask (1994)
( The Mask (1994)/ImageCredits:YouTube)

Who does not remember watching this hilarious movie from the 90’s? Cameron played the role of Tina who was the object of affection of Stanley still remembered as ‘The Mask’. Cameron’s on-screen camera appearance with Jim Carrey and her dance moves are still fresh among millions of her fans.  The debut movie earned applause for Cameron and set the tone of her career. The incredible movie was directed by Chuck Russell and written by Mike Werb and Michael Fallon. The movie was distributed by New Line Cinema.

Overall, throughout her career, she did incredible movies and TV shows and won four Golden Globe Award nominations, a New York Film Critics Award, and three Screen Actors Guild Award nominations. She even appeared in numerous box office hits and by 2013, she was named the highest-paid actress in Hollywood over 40. And, it was a mere year before she decided to retire. As of 2018, her films have grossed up to $3 billion domestically, making her the fifth highest-grossed actress of all time. In 2014, the actress retired to focus on her business and her family. Though, she did return to the entertainment industry in 2022, but as herself. During her retirement, she published two health books: The Longevity Book and The Body Book, a New York Times best seller.

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