1. Ratatouille (G)

Ratatouille is one of my personal favourite. It passes the message that you can be whatever you want to be once you set your mind to it. This was the message from the beloved and famous chef in this film. Is it true? You should watch to find out, and along the way you will surely fall in love with none other than Remy the rat, who’s an inspiration to anyone who feels their dream is impossible. Cooking is more than just a skill, it is an art and you even might find yourself wanting to try a new recipe or flavor combination in your meal after viewing this film. Your young artist will also have a lot to learn about dedication and commitment and how it pays off in the long run. Cuddle up to watch, and enjoy a warm family evening!

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2. Happy Feet (PG)

Happy feet helps your young artist to understand that no form of art is lesser than the other. Be it singing, dancing, drawing or even writing, embracing the art you have been gifted with makes you stronger. The film’s message centers on embracing individual talents no matter how well you do or don’t measure up to the accepted norm. It comes with entertaining dance, song and beloved characters that will keep the whole family smiling! The main character realizes that while all of the other penguins have beautiful singing voices, he has the ability to dance like no other penguin.

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3. Coco (PG)

Family, love respect, history, music and culture are all included in this short animated movie. Coco tells the story of protagonist Miguel who finds himself in the colorful Land of the Dead as he works to prove his talent, and realise his dreams of being a singer while also trying to uncover the reason for his family ban on music. The songs in Coco are thoughtful and engaging. Your young artist may find inspiration from this film to pick up a stringed instrument and sing along. 

4. Dolphin Tale (PG)

Dolphin tale is based on a true story, and shows the events around helping a wounded dolphin work its way back to swimming strength with a prosthetic tail. The main character is a young boy who forms a strong friendship with a wounded dolphin and his journey to success. While this is  not your typical art film, it is a story highlighting the power of the art in science and how strong the human mind can be when we try to help those around us. This will inspire your young artist to be kind both to humans and animals and build relationships with others around.

5. Moana (PG)

Moana’s love for the sea can be likened to a love for any art. Her unique singing voice and yearning to save her people shows her dedication for art and family. The interesting soundtrack of Moana is sure to leave you and your family humming its tunes for days. The female lead, Moana, faces the biggest of challenges in order to save her island, and to do so, Moana follows her heart and her passion for the sea. She’s a strong character who overcomes her fears and does all she can to save her people and make a positive difference in her world.

6. Ballet Shoes (PG)

Do you have a dancer on your hands? Then Ballet shoes is the perfect movie for you. Emma Watson stars in this film which is based on a novel by Noel Streatfield. The story follows three orphan dancers who try to follow their dreams despite society disdain and climb their way to success.