The crew of luxury charter yachts often enjoy letting loose on nights off on the reality show Below Deck. But non-stop partying has caused professional problems and personal drama for some. Let look at examples of Below Deck crew members whose hard-partying ways got them into trouble.

João Franco

How Below Deck Crew Members Got Into Trouble For Partying Too Hard
(João Franco/ Image Credits:Reality Tea)

João Franco worked as a deckhand and bosun on Below Deck Mediterranean. He became notorious for his drunken alter ego Jezabob who constantly offended crewmates and charter guests. João called chief stew Hannah a derogatory name after she criticized him for breaking a wine glass with his hand in Season 3. 
João insulted stewardess Aesha by saying her outfit resembled that of a prostitute in Season 4. He also had a heated clash with deckhand Travis who accused João of arrogance and sexism. João excessive drinking fueled unprofessional conduct, tension and jeopardized safety on board.

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Rachel Hargrove

Chef Rachel Hargrove appeared on Below Deck Season 8 earning praise for her food and criticism for her short temper. Rachel famously quit in a huff then later returned and apologized.
Rachel got so drunk at a beach club that she went on stage and shockingly sang titties into the microphone in one episode. She also drunkenly made out with deckhand James who rejected her advances. Rachel wild partying made her seem immature and unprofessional.

Ashton Pienaar

Ashton Pienaar worked as a deckhand and bosun on Below Deck. He survived a near-fatal accident in Season 6. Ashton also had a reputation as a partier and ladies man. But his excessive drinking led to sexual harassment of female crew members in Season 7.
Ashton tried kissing chief stew Kate and groped deckhand Rhylee without consent. He also forcibly kissed stewardess Courtney after she refused him multiple times. Ashton got into a physical altercation with the captain after drunkenly punching a window worst of all. His reckless partying resulted in dangerous and offensive behavior.

Hannah Ferrier

How Below Deck Crew Members Got Into Trouble For Partying Too Hard
(Hannah Ferrier/ Image Credits:Showbiz Cheat Sheet)

Hannah Ferrier was the chief stew on Below Deck Mediterranean for 5 Seasons. She was respected for her experience but also known for sparking controversies and conflicts with crewmates. Hannah got caught smuggling valium and a vape pen on board without prescriptions or the captain permission in Season 5.
She claimed they were for anxiety but had violated maritime law. Hannah was reported by bosun Malia who shared a room with her. The captain confronted Hannah about the contraband and fired her. Hannah unruly partying ended up costing her her reputation and career.

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The Final Verdict

Below Deck crew likes to unwind off duty but too much partying has damaged relationships, health and careers. Some have violated maritime law and been forced to leave. Excessive drinking to the point of recklessness and addiction has real consequences in the yachting world and beyond.