Gabriela Barragan reveals producers ‘broke the fourth Wall’ on deck sailing Yacht
(Gabriela Barragan reveals producers ‘broke the fourth Wall’ on deck sailing Yacht/Image Credits:GH Gossip)

After the latest episodes of the season, ‘Below Deck Down Under’ she further talks about her hit sailing show. Captain Jason Chambers fired Laura Bileskalne and Luke Jones a couple of weeks ago for sexual misconduct incidents and inappropriate behaviour.

As previously it is reported by Monster Critics that she is not the only one who has spoken out but the several Below Deck stars have spoken out on this hot topic. 

Why Gabriela Barragan reveals producers broke the fourth wall on Below Deck Sailing Yacht

Gabriela Barragan, as always being comfortable, talks about the experience of her reality TV show. She further admitted numerous times that producers broke the fourth wall. She further said that producers had a tough time deducing what was consent and what wasn’t. 

Hence, those people just started to quarrel every time. Even they didn’t step in simply because of crew members hooking up either but for fighting as well. She further said that when they were drunk then they were more into arguments.

 She further expressed that they used to like to come and say ‘Hey, cut it out, go to bed, bye’. This is what she said about them and their environment. Gabriela Barragan further reveals that producers didn’t want to break the fourth wall.

However, for ethical reasons, safety concerns, and the protection of all parties she was told that it was crucial. Thus, the Bravos were also included in this. 

Apart from speaking about her season, let’s talk about the below deck under incidents that happened. Thus, she further quoted that she also gave a shout-out to Captain Jason for keeping the yacht in a safe environment.

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Gabriela Barragan reveals producers ‘broke the fourth Wall’ on deck sailing Yacht

(Gabriela Barragan reveals producers ‘broke the fourth Wall’ on deck sailing Yacht/Image Credits: Monsters andCritics)

Gabriela also added after watching the episode that it was the perfect example of what would happen in a real setting on a Yacht on or off the show. This really matches the ongoing environment of the Yacht.

On Monday, August 7, Luke, 35, leaped naked into colleague Margot Sisson’s bed when the boat power went out. This all happened in the episode of ‘Below Deck Down Under’ last week.

Thus, before sending Jason to a hotel producers immediately stepped in as Luke tried to make a move towards Margot’s bed. Hence, as a result, the captain of the ship fired Luke the next day. So this was the reason why Luke was fired.

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On the other hand, Laura immediately defended Luke’s actions which drew criticism from Aesha. Then comes the chief stew saying that Laura has crossed all the limits, and she totally lacked boundaries. 

Thus, it’s so hard to be a part of this Yacht with such an environment. So no one can now feel safe around them. Consequently, this is such a place where you are sexually harassed by a superior and no one can stand you up.