How She Become A Part Of PLL

How She Become A Part Of PLL
(How She Become A Part Of PLL/ Image Credits:Prime Video,Entertainment Weekly)

In many ways Pretty Little Liars provided Bellisario with lessons. It allowed her to refine her acting skills, explore directing opportunities and gain experience in production. The show also had an impact on her life as she formed enduring friendships during her time on set. Enough Bellisario's husband, Patrick J. Adams cleverly used the drama as a means to win back Bellisario's affections after their separation.

Interestingly when the idea of Pretty Little Liars was initially presented to Bellisario she didn't feel inclined to take on a role in it. Prior to becoming familiar with the script the Feed star held preconceptions about what the show would entail and wasn't particularly impressed. I had this notion of what a 'teen show' would be like and I thought I wouldn't want any part of it because those weren't the types of shows I enjoyed as a teenager,  shared Bellisario in an interview with Vulture. So naturally I questioned why I would want to be involved in that world.

Captivating Script

Fortunately Bellisario was persuaded to give the script a chance. Found herself captivated by the daring aspects of the show. This ultimately led her to change her perspective on what a teen focused series could offer.

After dedicating an amount of time to the show the actor grew to have an admiration for Pretty Little Liars and the talented individuals comprising the cast and crew. In fact collaborating with these individuals over years enabled the actor to embrace numerous creative endeavors.

I had this sense of freedom while working on Little Liars, where I felt comfortable to experiment with my character, take risks and even fail without feeling ashamed,  Bellisario revealed in an interview with Collider. After seven years of working the people on set knew me and my abilities. If I delivered a take there was no need for embarrassment. I could simply say, 'That wasn't good. Let me try again.' It was empowering to have that level of control and artistic freedom. Overall it was an experience.

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Bellisario's perspective

Bellisario's perspective
(Bellisario's perspective/ Image Credits:Antena 3)

It's fascinating how Bellisario's perspective on Pretty Little Liars evolved over time. It serves as a reminder that initial impressions don't always define the journey.

In this phone interview, with Collider actress Troian Bellisario discusses her motivation to explore her struggle with an eating disorder through her work her aspirations to delve into this topic in her first script, the support and feedback she received from loved ones, how the final film compared to her initial vision and her desire to direct a feature in the future.

She also mentioned her time on the TV show Pretty Little Liars discussing the lessons she learned during those seven seasons. Additionally she expressed her enthusiasm for being involved in the Richard Linklater film Where'd You Go, Bernadette.