Baby Shower After One Year Of Birth?
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Kailyn Lowry is famous for her beautiful tattooed skin, and for her famous documentaries that were documented on MTV, named 16 and Pregnant which caught attention of millions of people and the teen Mom 2, where she was seen raising her son on her own terms and conditions. Other things that add famousness to her career are her published books. That became New York’s best-selling books named, Love is Bubblegum and Pride Over Pity.

Recently Kailyn has been part of the news due to a video she shared on her Instagram which was of her son Rio’s baby shower whose birth she confirmed after a whole year. Rio was born in 2022, but her mother shared and confirmed his birth on October 13,2023. Kailyn fans are super excited after they got to know about Kailyn’s fifth child Rio, whose father is Elijah Scott Kailyn’s current boyfriend.

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Teen mom 2 star, Kailyn poured her emotions into the words and wrote:

"The sweetest gift. So lucky to have been surrounded by so much love this time last year ... we had so much fun!"        

Further details. The video showed the inside of the baby shower which took place in a rented hall. There were plenty of hot piping dishes complemented by delicious desserts for the invited guests.

Further details of the baby shower are discussed below:


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The theme of the baby shower was “fall”. The decoration emphasized on four colors only orange, red, white and brown. The room was filled with balloons of focused scheme colors along with decorated pumpkins and flowers.

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Picture Corner

Picture Corner
(Picture Corner/ImageCredits:Page Six)

In the event there was this special corner that was decorated to take pictures only. In that area a large white colored bench was placed, a massive light brownish colored teddy bear was there too along with a quote of Robert Munsch.

Activities For Kids

Kaylin came up with a unique idea to keep kids busy, she got family pictures printed but in black and white so that the children could color them and stay occupied. 

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If we talk about food there were plenty of options for the guests to pick. There was a variety of appetizers from large cheese charcuterie boards to hummus. There was this well-designed dessert corner with two tier ombre cake to treat guests. Although the guests were full still they get to take parcel of “terrariums for the favors”

Request For The Guests

All the guests were requested to turn their mobile phones off and tucked away due to two reasons. Number one so that they could enjoy the event by disconnecting themselves from the outside world and secondly so that her pregnancy could stay as a secret.

Kaylin, during a podcast “baby mama no drama” casually mentioned earlier that she was admitted in the hospital for one of her kids but she never mentioned about her pregnancy or about Rio, until July 2023 when the TV star finally shared and confirmed the arrival of her fifth child, earlier this month she also revealed that she has named her son Rio. Fans were at relief after this news as they have been speculating this news for the past few months.

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The reason Kaylin gave for keeping her pregnancy a secret was that she wanted to tell her journey on her terms and conditions. She also wanted to share only that information which she was comfortable sharing.

Kaylin And Her Other Children

Kaylin And Her Other Children
(Kaylin And Her Other Children/

Rio is the fifth child of the TV star, which she and her boyfriend Elijah Scott share. She also has two sons named Creed who is 3 years old and Lux who is 6 with her ex-boyfriend Chris Lopez. She also has a child named Lincoln who is currently 9 years old with her ex-boyfriend Javi Marroquin. Lastly her eldest son is 13 years old named Isaac with her ex-boyfriend Jo Rivera.

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Kaylin being a TV star is a fabulous mother too. Who cares for her children and celebrates each and every moment of their lives.