Hailey Bieber Has Officially Confirmed That Her Husband, Justin Bieber, Utilizes Rhode Skincare Products
(Hailey Bieber Has Officially Confirmed That Her Husband, Justin Bieber, Utilizes Rhode Skincare Products/ Image Credits: Yahoo Movies)

In a recently released video by GQ, Hailey Bieber, the founder of Rhode, encouraged male consumers to incorporate her preferred skincare products into their routines. Playfully, she also confirmed that her husband, Justin Bieber, utilizes items from her skincare line. Within the segment, the 26-year-old model divulged her essential top 10 products, emphasizing that when she travels, she relies on the brand's Peptide Glazing Fluid, Barrier Restore Cream, and Glazing Milk.

Necessary Travel Essentials

After showcasing the Rhode products, she humorously remarked, Gentlemen, this assortment is also intended for you. Please be aware that my husband is an avid user of these items as well.

Hailey elucidated that the conception of the products arose from the contemplation of her essential travel requisites. She pondered on what items she would unequivocally require during a flight, and thus, these items were born.

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The Effective Utilization Of The Products

The Effective Utilization Of The Products
(The Effective Utilization Of The Products/ Image Credits: Elle Canada)

Furthermore, she expounded on the utilization of the products by consumers. According to Hailey, the Glazing Milk serves as a 'hydrating essence,' while the Peptide Glazing Fluid is referred to as a 'jelly serum.' Additionally, the Barrier Restore Cream is employed to maintain the skin's freshness, dewiness, and radiance, while also protecting during air travel.

Hailey suggested that male consumers should also consider trying out other products in addition to the top-ranked ones. These include the Rhode Peptide Lip Treatment, Yves Saint Laurent sunglasses, Ex Nihilo Lust In Paradise perfume, a lint roller, slippers, a scrunchie, and a mini hairbrush, all of which she recommends.

A Compilation Of Indispensable Items

Before the anticipated release of the skincare line in June 2022, Hailey expressed, Rhode distinguishes itself by offering a meticulously selected and refined collection of essential products. She further emphasized, These formulas are thoughtfully crafted and tailored to become those essential items that you consistently rely on.

Following the launch, Hailey has been accompanied by her loved ones, including her husband who is 29 years old, at various promotional events for Rhode. A year after the skincare line's introduction, Justin commemorated his wife's achievement by endorsing the brand's latest product, the Glazing Milk, on Instagram.

Modified To Resemble A Design

Modified To Resemble A Design
(Modified To Resemble A Design/ Image Credits: Cosmopolitan)

The 'Sorry' singer held up the packaged products, designed to resemble a milk carton while sporting a colorful sweatshirt, bucket hat, and upside-down sunglasses. The caption accompanying the post read 'JB + HB glazing milk'.

After the one-year celebration, Hailey additionally introduced the Strawberry Glaze variation of the renowned Peptide Lip Treatment in August. During the product's unveiling, the couple made their way to New York City to commemorate the new offering at the Times Square Krispy Kreme.

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