Blake Shelton's Untold Dispute With Country Music Fans
(Blake Shelton's Untold Dispute With Country Music Fans /ImageCredits: HOLA)

Blake Shelton, whose full name is Blake Tollison Shelton, is currently one of the biggest country singer in the world today. He was born and raised in Ada, Oklahoma, U.S.A, where he began his singing career and in 2011 found mainstream success as a coach on the TV series The Voice.

According to Shelton, He began both performing and songwriting while he was still in high school. During one of his performances, he caught the eye of established songwriter Mae Boren Axton, who gave him praise and encouragement. Two weeks after, Shelton graduated from high school and relocated to Nashville, where Axton also lived to pursue a career in music.

Despite being the perfect country boy who rose to fame with country music, Shelton managed to get in massive dispute with country fans back in 2013.

This story remains untold as the country people are very forgiving, but the internet they say never forgets.

The issue first arose when an argument surrounding what country music is, what direction it should take, and what its influences should be raged online having many traditional country lovers commenting their views on how country music seem to be changing.

These comments from traditional country fans seemed to trigger Blake Shelton as he commented saying in part that “Nobody wants to listen to their grandpa’s music,” hinting that the old country type of music should only be listened to by grandparents.

Shockingly, at the time Blake Shelton was standing as the reigning Country Music Association “Entertainer of the Year,” which made his comment very noticeable and insulting to which many said won’t go down well in the country music historical timeline. 

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Blake Shelton's Untold Dispute With Country Music Fans

(Blake Shelton's Untold Dispute With Country Music Fans /ImageCredits: KJRH)

“The arrogance and short-sightedness really goes without saying, and can be seen by virtually any cool-minded observer aside from Blake Shelton’s most dedicated apologists and their contrived explanations. Blake Shelton’s fatal flaw was thinking he has any ownership in country music. Blake Shelton doesn’t have the right to call the shots on the direction of country music any more than I do, or any artist, entity, or fan does. Nobody owns or operates country music. Country music is of the people, for the people, and by the people” stated a very enraged country blogger.

However, despite this dispute, Blake has gone on to make more country music and even break some records in the process.

In 2016, blake shelton’s album if i’m honest was the number one selling album in america, topping the billboard top albums sales chart and becoming his third consecutive album to hit number one on the billboard country albums chart! simultaneously, the album’s first single “came here to forget” reached the top spot on the Billboard country airplay chart and the country aircheck chart, making it his 17th consecutive number one single and 22nd overall.   "at almost 40 years old and 15 years in this business, who would've ever thought i would have the biggest week of my career now,” said shelton. “number one album, number one song and number one movie. i am beside myself my friends. thank you for an incredible journey..."    i don’t even know how to talk about this album as a piece of music as i do just kind of a timeline, shelton said in an exclusive interview with the tennessean newspaper. As country artists go, i think we’re supposed to sing about our life experiences, and i’ve done that before, but not to this extent. He added.   you can learn more about blake at the country music hall of fame and museum in nashville, tennessee, where his exhibit, blake Shelton which is based on his true story is opened to fans to explore more details about the country singer's life. 

The exhibition shows the star’s road to success, from his childhood to his move to nashville as a teen, and from his multi-platinum recording breakthrough to becoming a national celebrity. A range of artifacts, including stage wear, instruments, song manuscripts, photos and personal items will help tell the story of shelton’s struggles and triumphs.

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