Kim’s Grand Office 

Kim's Grand Office
(Kim’s grand office /Image Credits:Daily Mail, POPSUGAR UK,)

While giving an interview sitting in her grand office that has a photo studio, a video room, a showroom, offices where her staff works, a personal office of Kim, a vanity room where she gets ready, a conference room, a theater and so much more, she shared the ingredients she used in her skin care line.

Traditional Ingredients

Traditional ingredients
(raditional ingredients/Image Credits:Fox News)

The traditional ingredients Kim used for a healthier and glossier skin include vitamin C, niacinamide, glycolic and lactic acid, and hyaluronic acid. All the products have already been launched. 41 years old Kim who takes care of her skin and follows the day and night routine strictly has newly launched this line of business as previously she used to sell fragrances and makeup products.

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Kim’s Expensive Looks

Kim’s expensive looks
( Kim’s expensive looks /Image Credits:Us Weekly,)

Kim who does not care about anything and anyone, was wearing latest black Balenciaga sweatsuit with matching black Yeezy foam pool slides looking full glamorous, with makeup full on point with open blonde hair coming down to her waist added that she is honest about what she uses on herself even if others think of it as something devastating.

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Korean Vs Kim’s Products

Korean vs Kim’s products
(Korean vs Kim’s products/Image Credits:ELLE)

Kim said she is late to the Korean skincare products that need lengthy steps and scare the users, her skincare routine only has 9 steps and if used persistently won’t take much time. All the steps are necessary and still, if someone thinks that they are taking too much time they can exclude the two exfoliators depending on the type of your skin.

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Kim’s Eco-friendly Products 

Kim’s eco-friendly products 
( Kim’s eco-friendly products /Image Credits: YourTango)

According to research, SKKN products are more expensive than most of the products launched by celebrities. The whole regime of day and night oils, face and eye creams, and hyaluronic acid costs a total of $630. Her fans think that the cost of skin care products is quite high for them to afford but Kim shared a good thing once the products are bought, all products are refillable and cost 15% less than the price of the original products.

Investment For A Long Time

Investment for a long time
(Investment for a long time/Image Credits:Page Six)

Her followers think that Kim definitely does not think about how expensive her products are. On the other hand, Kim thinks that in order to get skin like her people need to invest in such products as she did not compromise on the ingredients of the products specially the vitamin C serum.

Kim’s Products – A Complete Lifestyle

Kim’s products – a complete lifestyle
(Kim’s products – a complete lifestyle/Image Credits:Philippine Star)

Kim’s office looks like a mess where everything is literally covered with her products and samples. She was allowed to have a sneak peak of her office and her own workplace that gave a neat and tidy look. She showed and explained in detail the products already in the planning stage, including perfumes, makeup, skin care products, bathroom and home accessories which Kim collectively calls them a ‘complete lifestyle’. Talking about the packaging of the products she said that everything comes packed elegantly in bottles and jars and follows a more neutral color scheme.

 Decades Long Struggle For Kim

 A business worth every penny
(Decades long struggle for Kim/Image Credits:Vogue India)

Kim being honest about her looks said that she was concerned about everything about how she looks, her physique, weight, lips, cheeks, hair and makeup. Kim further added that whatever she has gone through to achieve a perfect look, it has taken her decades. She also said that people feel like they don’t care about their looks but this is not how she is. She is not that kind of person who wakes up and goes to work, in fact she uses her own products, gets facials and lasers done and that works for her.

 A Business Worth Every Penny

 A business worth every penny
(A business worth every penny/Image Credits:Glamour)

Kim takes all her businesses seriously which can be calculated through her net worth which is estimated to be $1 billion. The sad part is that Kim is not Kim in actuality, as she has gone through lots of surgeries done on her body and face, just to fit in the dresses and dying her hair to whatever color she likes.